Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heard on the Bus Today

I know I already posted today but I really gotta get this down before I forget it.  

I love riding the bus!   And, here's why.  Today, the bus was pretty full as the kids are back in school and many of them take the city bus to get there.  A couple of teenagers got on and sat behind me and I got to listen to their bantering back & forth.  So, one guy is telling the other, "dude, I hate my job", blah, blah, blah.  He went on to say how last week he had to go to court so he called in to tell his boss he couldn't come to work and his boss said, "well, hey, have a good life".  So, he figured he had been fired but when he went in to turn in his uniform (fast food place), his name was on the schedule and he was due to work the next day.  He was all happy about it ... except he really hates the job.  I just kind of chuckled to myself.  It was fun eavesdropping on them. There was also a story about how he had been stopped by the cops for not having his headlights on and one of the kids in his car had a warrant out for his arrest and so the cops pulled him out of the car. It was all very animated .... and entertaining. Not the brightest light bulbs in the box but decent people just trying to get to where they are going.

When I changed to Bus 120  at the transfer station, there were two women sitting near the  front and one was clearly mentally disabled. The woman with her may have been her case manager or caretaker and she was doing her best to the cheer her up about the weather.  She finally broke into song, "dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh ...."   It may not have cheered the disabled woman but it sure did my heart good.

I love being a casual observer of other people's lives.  I don't feel I'm any better or worse than anyone .... I am a fellow traveler ~ just trying to survive and get where I'm going.  I've had the most awesome experiences when I least expect them ......

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