Monday, November 1, 2010

Take 5 - Day One

Shooting 5 random photos is not as easy as it might sound. I recently read a guy's blog who has a goal of taking One-Million photos in a specific amount of time. I had a hard time trying to figure out what I was going to take five photos of today. I suspect it will get easier as the days go by and my eye starts catching things I haven't noticed before. So, here's my first entry into this month long quest to Take 5.

 This is my dermatologist's building. I think his building is a little excessive but glad to know my hard earned medical dollars are going to make beautiful architecture for this fine city.
 I listen to 106.5 ~ classic rock. 
This is not Carol, but Carol was on the other side of the road when I snapped this pic. GO CAROL MOSER!

I carved this kitty yesterday!

Yes, that's Mr. Kitty taking a whiz in what is going to be my rose garden. It's so wrong, I know.


  1. just make sure Kitty does not turn the tables on you..... ;-)

  2. P.S. We've been giving Mr. Kitty baths lately because we have a serious flea problem. He took a chunk of meat out of Gene the other night. It was not pretty.

  3. Susan, have you tried that medication that you pour on their necks instead? Alot easier than bathing them.....

  4. @Dumb Mama - we're trying to not do the chemical thing. It can be very toxic to cats & dogs. We did some reading on it and it messes up their kidneys and can have really awful adverse affects.


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