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Today is our 14th anniversary. I've come to the conclusion this relationship is a great example of serendipity. This photo is the only one I have of that day on the banks of the mighty Colorado river in Laughlin, Nevada when we said I do. I've told our story in past posts. We were there for a gathering of a couple hundred like-minded people. A couple of days/weeks (my memory fails me) before our trip to Laughlin he said, hey, while we're up there in Nevada do you want to get married? It really did surprise me when he asked. I was just short of 2 years coming off the worst year of my life and trying to find my place in the world again. He had history, too. I believe in my heart of hearts this is why we work. This post is not about the gushy part of us. I'll save that for the book. We traveled a lot in our first 7 years living in Arizona. Since moving to eastern Washington, we traveled as much as possible and now have almost run out of new places to visit on day trips. W…

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