Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Off-the-Chart Monday

My daughter-in-law. I love this girl
with all my heart.
Yesterday was a work day but I was off, visiting with my son and daughter-in-law from Michigan. They were here for exactly 24 hours. We crammed in a whole lot of visiting and managed to eat out twice. The funny of it was we ate at a Mexican restaurant that is less than half a mile from our house. In 9 years, we'd never been there. We get a little stuck in a rut. 
In these images, we're at my very favorite, nicer place called Frost Me Sweet. My daughter-in-law picked it from a line up she had on Yelp. These people are serious foodies. She is lactose intolerant so it helped that their menu easily included things she can eat plus a couple of gluten-free, dairyless desserts. And, wine for lunch!
My son and love of my life!
I quit drinking almost 16 years ago so I feel a little-lot out of touch with what's happening on the alcohol menu. When they brought her THREE glasses of wine all at once, I was schooled on ordering a "flight" of wine. All I know is that ascetically it was art for my eyes and senses. Dude. I drank wine out of boxes. A conversation ensued about adult juice boxes. 
I enjoyed this visit. It is rare that I am off work and not traveling somewhere else. To spend the day with these loves, at home, was off-the-charts joy for me. They drove their car from Michigan to gift it to me. When they said they were only staying a day, at first I wondered how we were going to catch up in 24 hours. We did it. It was perfect. Just like that flight of wine. Beautiful. Just right. And, enough.
Today, I go back to work and I'll look forward to the next adventure. Tomorrow night I'm driving out to the country to photograph some spaniels for a nice dog lady. We have an invite to a party Friday night. I'm certain I have something on my calendar for the weekend.  Life is so good.
love, susan