Monday, October 16, 2017

Bosses Day Life List: Mid October 2017

 Looking Out My Window 6:45am and the sun is barely coming up. Our numbers this week are 72, 69, 69, 68, and 62. You may wonder why I list the temps here. Sometimes this is the only time I have a chance to look at the weather report.

My favorite senior!
Weekend Review It was a very busy weekend. I sat at the library gardens and waited for people to show up for mini shoots. Thank goodness I have some friends willing to brave the cold wind. Three couples arrived and we had great shoots, walking around the garden and finding great backgrounds. Yesterday, I had a wonderful session with a friend's daughter for her senior photos. I loved this shoot because she was so easy to please and we had a super nice visit. Her grandma died about 10 days ago and they laid her to rest on Saturday. I could really see the influence her grandmother has had on her and it made me smile. We're really going to miss Sharon. In other news, we bought a used leather couch/loveseat/chair and ottoman ensemble. Our friend Tabby was kind enough to bring her truck over and move it for us. I couldn't believe she got all 3 pieces in the bed of her Dodge. The dogs have already claimed their places on each piece. Hubby and I haven't sat together on a couch in many years as we've had chairs only.
This couple is celebrating their
Golden Anniversary on this day!
What I'm Learning Build it and they will come. I was not disappointed in the small turnout for photos on Saturday. If the weather had been slightly warmer, I may have had more people than I could handle. We collected $125 for the animal rescue and I feel it was worth my time. I had a super nice visit with two other women who are in the rescue group. I call that a two-for-one day.
What I'm Creating I had some photos printed up from my girlfriend week at the beach along with some flower photos my Montana friend had up on her FB page. I'm making cards for her and will get those in the mail to her today.
What I'm Reading I'm happy to write that I am back in the habit of reading in the mornings. Right now I am 54% through The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.  Fascinating study of habits and a bit about how the advertising business uses the data.
What I'm Watching Shameless on Netflix. In our conversations yesterday, my young friend and I were talking about what we're watching on Netflix and when I told her I am watching Shameless, she admitted she is too! Hey, there's no shame in watching Shameless.  It is the story of a most dysfunctional family who don't know they're dysfunctional. The characters have a lot of heart!

Abbie claims her real estate!
What's On My Camera I was out a lot this weekend. Fun times! I love the colors this time of year. I could live without the cold temps.
A Quote I Want to Share Build it and they will come. ~ from movie Field of Dreams
A Peek Into My Week I'm taking photos of a litter of 4 kitties tonight after work. I've got special company arriving on Thursday. Nothing else on my calendar yet.
I think he likes the new (used) furniture!
A Final Thought A couple of weeks ago, I dropped by to visit Sharon (mentioned above) to say hello. Her husband had died 4 weeks prior. She was having a difficult time adjusting and my friends said my visit would give her something to talk about. I talked a little bit generically about some of the weird things that happen at my office and it made her laugh. I had no way of knowing it would be the last time I saw her. She died about 10 days later, with failing kidneys and liver. We had no idea. She never complained of pain but she just wasn't quite right the last couple of days before she died. I will never forget sitting next to her on the couch and her putting my hand between hers and telling me thank you for the meal I had brought when her husband died. I'm glad I didn't blow off going over to visit. It is a great example of suiting up and showing up when I say I'm going to. Today, I am a person of my word. If I say I'm going to be there, I'll be there. Are you?

P.S.  It's Bosses Day!
love, susan