Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet Brittany, et al.

Gene and I went to a bazaar yesterday at the P&W Grange Hall.  My friend from work, Tara, is a member of the grange, actually she is their group secretary,  and Brittany is her daughter.  Warning:  stop reading right now if you don't care about the connection of people. This story is simply about that.

I love Brittany.  She is reason to believe that the world has not gone to H E double L in a hand-basket. She is in her mid-20's, has a sweet little baby boy, and is as home-spun as anyone I know. Just like her mama, Tara.

Tara works in my office, two cubicles down from me. I don't see her much but I hear her bantering back & forth with her "Type-A personality" attorney boss. Two peas in a pod, Tara and her attorney. Let me tell you, they pump out some work daily and I don't know how she has the energy to go on after 5:00 p.m.  When Tara leaves work, I don't know exactly what she does but we've been to her house for a few parties on Friday nights and she and her hubby, Greg, are like Sonny & Cher in the kitchen. They are fabulous hosts and cooks. Whenever they have parties, Brittany is always there along with her sister, Tiffany, who is also our pet/house sitter. Tiffany is the other reason I believe there are truly good young people left in the world. Tiffany's boyfriend, Brandon, is the sweetest guy next to Gene, and my son, Justin,  and a few other good men I know, and I secretly hope I get invited if there ever is a wedding (hint, hint).  Back to Brittany ...

Brittany makes jewelry and cares for her baby Bryson and two young step-daughters (who I've only met once so I admit I don't remember their names).  Yesterday was the first time she has been "out" with her jewelry for sale and I think she's going to do well with it. She has it priced right and there is something for everyone in her creations. Her little table was among many. 

So, we walk into this country grange bazaar and one of my other good friends from work, Becky, was there with her beau Bill, along with Becky's mom. I had never met Becky's mom before but when she shook my hand she said "are you Suddenly Susan?"  She had seen my name & profile picture come up on her grandaughter's blog, which is so awesome I have to mention it here because, well, It's A Long StoryI couldn't believe it.  We've only been here two years and I feel like I've lived here forever when things like this happen to me. Bill, Becky and Becky's mom were standing at a table of the daughter of an ex co-worker, Bonnie, who has gone on to work for another law firm.  Sara and Koming (pronounced long o) had a table and were selling some of Koming's creations of carved cement candle holders. Koming and Sara just married last May. He is from Bali and is the nicest guy (he's in that category with Gene, Justin, Brandon, Greg, Bill, etc.).  It was like a family reunion standing right there in an old country grange hall.

After I walked around & dropped a few dollars buying home-made stuff, I bellied up to the kitchen area and couldn't leave without trying some home-made biscuits and gravy. We didn't get out of there without a plate of home-made brownies, which incidentally didn't make it to the car.

I love home-town America.  I live in home-town America and yesterday was proof-positive of that.    love, Susan


  1. I am not too much into most of the crafts at a deal like that, but oh, the conversations and such.. It was really a hoot to run into Becky and Bill, just unexpected. Yup that did give it that hometown feel, as well as the folks behind all the booths. They all have a story to tell, just have to edge it out of em.. and give 'em a short one back. Had a nice chat with Brittney, and yes she does have a ton of nice jewelry.. but I leave the buying of all baubles to Susan. My taste would probably end with something which she was blown away by, but probably due to horror then anything else. I stick with things I know when buying things at these several chances on winning a turkey or the aforementioned brownies.. and no not one of the four made it to the car, though one did make it to the parking lot.. so not as bad as it sounds.

  2. Susan, my friend Sandra refers to you as "Suddenly Susan" too. Dang, makes me think I ought to change my "dumb mama" thing before everyone starts calling me that!

  3. Hmm ... Kathy ... if not Dumb Mama .... who would you be?

  4. Oh, Kathy, I know. Pick a name from the wild, wild west ... like from the Tombstone days. That'd be fun!


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