Thursday, November 11, 2010

Needful Things

Road trip to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho today.  Did you know thrift shops are open on Veteran's Day? 

Wonderful day trip through Spokane on to Idaho. We drove back home through Palouse and Colfax, both charming little country towns where there is absolutely so sign of corporate America. This little "Needful Things Thrift Shop" was the last on our trip & we were happy to learn that every last cent they bring in is being invested in building a community center. 
I don't know if this is wheat or oat or just what, but I love the color of it. This might be my favorite photo today.

This is coming into Spokane, Washington. At this point, we didn't know we were going to by-pass Spokane and go straight to Idaho. That's just how we roll. 

Yep, just looked at the map and said, let's do it.  That's how it happens with us. Today was totally random & I loved it!  Thank you, Gene! 

They stack the leaves up on the streets in Coeur d'Alene  just like they do with snow in Alaska in the winter time.  On certain days, the city comes along and picks up the leaves.

It was a "pretty good" picture day for me!


  1. Whatever you guys save by shopping in thrift stores must go towards the fuel to get you there!

  2. Going to thrift stores isn't all about saving $$ .... it's about finding the treasures there and "the trip". We had no plan to go thrifting yesterday ... it just happened all of them were open and we simply couldn't drive past them without peeking in. We often times don't buy anything ... it's "the hunt" for the perfect treasure that keeps us going. Although, yesterday I did find an electric knife for $3.25! I wasn't looking for one but there it was and I thought, why buy a new one?

  3. My My.........a thrift store trip. Wish I was there. Our trip to Sedona was a great memory and I still kick myself for not getting a few things. But that is for another day.....always one around the corner. Happy hunting Gene and Sue.

  4. BTW, I also found a beautiful deviled egg plate that was "Made in Japan" that has pretty little pink flowers on it. I had to buy it! Other treasures we hauled home included: a julienne tool for making fancy carrots, cucumbers & zucchini (by Pampered Chef) and a nice knife sharpening tool. I know exactly what you mean, Nancy. Those shops in Sedona held some quality treasures!

  5. Thanksgiving almost here.....count down time. Whats for dinner?


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