Monday, November 8, 2010

Take 5 - Day Eight - I need a road trip.

Game Hen smothered with grilled onions.
I love the contrast of striped pillows and Missy's spots.

Blue Heeler/Aussie intensity!
I'm boring myself now with all the pics of Missy.  I need to get out more often.
 We went out to dinner with friends tonight. Tried a new Italian restaurant. If I was a betting person, I'd bet my next 5 paychecks this restaurant won't make it thru the winter.
Halibut with broccoli

It was a slow picture day for me. These were not even our meals, it's what our friends ordered.  Gene had lasagna and I had fettucine alfredo.


  1. that long green stuff is broccoli? looks like something that starts with an A?

  2. Yup, Nancy, bingo... Asparagus.. but thinnest ones you would ever want to see.. baby asparagus.


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