Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keep This Coupon

So ... last night we went to the annual Oyster Fest out in Hermiston, Oregon. It was awesome, as usual. We arrived about 10 minutes before they started the potluck line. They always call 5 tables at a time to stand in the buffet line and our table was amongst the last group to be called. This annual gathering seats 500 people. The Hermiston folks fry up enough oysters to feed 500 people and our only contribution is to bring a dish. Last night I chose to make a 7-layer Mexican dip. By the time our table got called, my dip was long gone. I didn't care because I was smart enough to make a little side dish of it for us before I left home.  Anyway, to make it possible to put on such an event for absolutely free, they always have a fabulous raffle with tons of prizes and a grand prize which has been a TV 3 years in a row. In the spirit of one of the traditions of our fellowship which states we are self supporting through our own contributions, we buy lots of raffle tickets and hope the group covers their costs. We didn't win the TV, although we sure could use a new one.  However, one of my zilliion tickets did net us a little AM/FM radio which promptly has been placed in Gene's shop.  We had the most fun just kibitzing over the muti-colored tickets spread out at our table. I had a grand conversation with the woman sitting next to me as we observed how some people shout out when they win a prize and there are others who simply raise their arm in the air and couldn't seem any less excited about winning.  When my winning ticket was read, I quickly stood up and the prize-bringer (I know this is not a real word), a cute little blonde girl about age 10, brought that radio right to our table. My friends sat in envy.  I know this because that's how I feel when those close to me win. And frankly, they were verbal about it, in a loving, jovial way that only friends can be! (giggles!)  But, when my friend next to me had a matching ticket which netted her a $25 gift certificate to WalMart, you'd think she was auditioning for the Price Is Right!  She jumped up out of her chair, arms raised in the air, screaming all the way to the front to get her prize and our table went wild!  I want to sit with this group next year ~ I love their spirit.  It was a fun night and we'll look forward to it again next year. It's the one time a year Gene gets to eat oysters since we left Yuma and it's a super awesome showing of unity among our friends.



  2. You and dad probably would enjoy it greatly! There are so many oysters that you could just stuff yourselves silly. If you're ever around the first weekend in November, we will take you.


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