Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Abyss

Dec. 2008 - Richland, WA
We have snow in the forecast for Saturday. How can that be? Just last Sunday it was 63 degrees.  I'm not ready, in my head, for snow. But it will likely come and it'll be okay.  Last year, we didn't get much snow but at this time of the year I was anxiously waiting to travel to Flagstaff for Justin's graduation. A week before graduation, in mid-December, Flagstaff had a huge dump of snow that made the national news.  (I wish I could find my digital photos to insert but I wasn't all that organized with my pics last year). When we got there, we stayed in a little timeshare condo that Nancy and dad had. It was so cute & warm and we really enjoyed the couple of days in Flag with the heavy snow. As we were leaving on Sunday, another snow storm was blowing in and we stayed ahead of that storm to get me to the Phx airport. 

Snowy weather always makes me want to stay home and bake cookies. I've been thinking about baking all week and while I need to get my house cleaned really well this weekend, I gotta find some time to bake. Baking always takes me to a wonderful place in my mind.  I need that right now. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (see SAD for more info) and since moving here from AZ, it has relapsed.  Yesterday was a tough day, for no particular reason other than the skies have been gray and I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head and cry. I get this overwhelming sense of gloom and often times sit on the edge of tears this time of year.  It's nothing new for me, I've been like this my entire life. I know it will pass and I just tell myself to hold on and get out those cute purple winter boots! Still .... I look forward to spring.

My kids are coming next week so I'd better do double time in front of the light box.  Gotta go for now! 

love, Susan

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  1. A great reminder of a milestone in your life. Flagstaff will always have the best memories for you. I have never saw a prouder Momma. Honored to share that time with you and Justin and Amanda.


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