Saturday, November 27, 2010

Left-Overs Have Never Been This Good

 Have you ever had left-over turkey breast fried in bacon grease?  Don't judge!  It's so awesome, it should just be called "awesome refried turkey breast".  Justin came up with the idea because I had fried some bacon and we wanted to somehow slip some turkey into our sandwiches and he said "I wonder what this would taste like"?  So, I had a wheat roll with fat free cream cheese, cranberry sauce, bacon fried turkey breast, and a little horseradish to top it off.  A new kind of yummy-ness.

We played two rounds of "Sequence" and then Amanda mentioned something about playing "Rummikub" with her brother. We have that game & have never played it so I dusted it off and we played. I won two games. Beginner's Luck, no doubt.
 We ventured out yesterday to see the movie "Unstoppable" which stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Very good, action packed movie.

After it came up in conversation yesterday, we decided to go out today to the my favorite Hot Wingz place because they have Deep Fried Twinkies on their menu and that seems to be on Justin's bucket list so, why not?  I'll be recording it digitally. Stay tuned!

This morning JP made his special french toast for us this morning and we pulled out a huge box of photos so Amanda could see her betrothed when he had a lot more hair.
So, we're off to the mall to do some window shopping and hit the deep fried twinkie deal.  It's been snowing since we got up and it's a beautiful day.

More later ..... love, Susan


  1. Sounds like a great time you all are having. Thank you for sharing it with us. Nancy and Dad.

  2. Oh yes, we had a really great time. I had no plans except for dinner and we just kind of let the days plan themselves. We got a lot of visiting done and I'm sure we probably asked the same questions more than once.


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