Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bus Pass = $1.25 Peace of Mind = Priceless

I'm riding the bus to work today. I'm busting my pride & ego and saying it outloud ~ I was truly frightened driving home from work yesterday. It was some of the worst driving conditions I've ever driven in, including all my days living in Alaska.  I have driven in ice fog so thick that it gave meaning to the word disoriented. I have driven on solid ice with rain coming down to add to the slickness; definitely not fun. I have driven in blinding, side-ways heavy snow. And I have driven in torrential rains with inches of water standing on the pavement (Arizona).  But I've never driven while it was snowing and had my windshield wipers ice up, rendering them useless and have heavy snow icing up my windshield.  Yesterday, I literally had a small space at the bottom of my windshield where I could barely see the tail lights of the truck in front of me while I was rolling down the 4-lane highway. Thank goodness everyone had the good sense to slow down to about 30 mph. I had no place to pull over to get the ice chunks off my wipers so I just kept talking to myself outloud, "please, please, PLEASE just let me get home".  

It's very cold this morning and I think the snow has subsided. It's beautiful and expected to stay cold all week. I love the brightness of new snow and the way my house feels so warm when I first walk in from being outside. When I lived in Fairbanks, I experienced some extreme weather and it always made me feel like a proud sourdough, although I wasn't really old enough to be a 'sourdough'. There is a comradery that happens when you live in a frozen land. You don't pass by vehicles that are broken down on the highway, it could mean a cold death for those stranded.

Yeah, I think I'll let the bus driver shoulder all the road stress for me today. By the time they get to my street, the bus is usually overly warm and I always have my pick of seats.  I've been chiming that I should start riding the bus again. I truly enjoy riding it. It means I have to shake my booty a little quicker in the mornings but the payoff is a very relaxing ride to work and definitely saves $$ on the gas budget.  So, in a way, this weather has a silver lining.

It might be a long winter .... I think I'd better stock up on bus passes.   love, Susan

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  1. I gloated too soon...this morning we have an inch or so of snow on the ground. It's going to be slick out too....


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