Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Turkey!

We have hit the wall when it comes to eating pie. This is what is leftover from my cooking frenzy last Thursday morning.  I'll admit when I get started baking in the kitchen, I go a little crazy.  Gene says I don't know how to not cook too much and I'm afraid he's right.  I think some of it stems from growing up in a household where we ate our leftovers. My mom always worked and I totally get it why she'd make enough food on Sunday so she wouldn't have to spend a lot of time cooking during the week. She didn't have a microwave to heat up leftovers.   I haven't cooked anything new since last Thursday and this morning I'm finally going to have to think about what to cook for dinner. Or eat leftover pie, about 3 tablespoons of stuffing, mashed potatoes, one-half of a pumpkin roll and green olives.

Frankly, I'm surprised there is this much pie left over.  Gene is a pie-eating machine.  He's falling behind on the job.  The first couple of years we were together, I baked a frozen pie once a week. Sometimes I'd help him eat it but I can take or leave pie. I'd rather have cake or cookies.  I quit baking pies when we decided we needed to get our weight down. Trust me, I won't be the one throwing this left over pie in the garbage. He'll have to do it.

Which reminds me of when Justin was in grade school.  Once a year his dad would have to go out of town for a couple of days for training. We always looked forward to it because we could eat whatever we wanted without having to negotiate. I'd tell Justin he could have anything he wanted and as many nights as he wanted. Well, you probably guessed he wanted pizza. We'd eat pizza Monday and Tuesday night but by Wednesday he couldn't stand the thought of it.  I think that's where Gene's at .....

Now that I really look in the fridge, I also have leftover whole cranberry sauce, one-half of a tube of Jimmy Dean sausage, about a cup of mashed potatoes, lots of butter, soy milk and there's a whole lot of veggies in the trays that I could do something with. They're getting old and tired but I hate to throw them out.

It's been a fun run this week not having to cook a thing. I love coming home from work and being able to eat right away ~ I'm always starving when I come through the door.  Perhaps we'll have breakfast for dinner tonight with the sausage. Not sure how I'll incorporate those mashed tatoes but I know there's gotta be a recipe out on the net that'll help me out.

In the meantime, I'm going to eat oatmeal for breakfast today because we're out of turkey!


  1. Pie is my ulitmate favorite dessert too. Cherry Pie. Funny story...I bid $100 on a cherry pie in a fundraiser for SHARE this year (day before Tday). I lost but donated the check. Then I went to the store to buy stuff for a pie to make but they were having a fundraiser bakesale selling pies so I bought one for a donation of $20. It was terrible. I ate a piece and threw it away. So I essentially spent $120 on a piece of pie! Maybe "Dumb Mama" ain't too far off...

  2. My very first post to this blog was about Banana Cream Pie .... really about judging a pie by it's cover. You just never know what you're getting with other people's pies ... sometimes good, sometimes not so much. I have to admit I have grown a liking to Pecan Pie. Mmmmm ....

  3. What we do with leftover mashed potatoes for breakfast:

    mix in an egg and a little garlic & onion powder

    form into patties and fry in a little butter until brown and crispy on both sides

    makes a great side for breakfast!


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