Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Lunch-Time is 'For the Birds'

Columbia River looking towards Pasco and the "Blue Bridge"

Well-fed geese

People stop along in the park & feed the birds daily.

It looks like a convention, doesn't it?

So beautiful.

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  1. That reminds me of Longview Wa, where I lived two blocks from the lake in the 'Old West Side" part of town. I would buy 80 pound sacks of corn to feed the ducks and geese. Most folks feed them bread, and white bread at that.. and it is not really good for them OR the water ... but neither was the shear number of ducks and geese that lived along that lake, as it didn't really have enough flow to clean itself all that well. It was really nice to walk around that lake IN THE LATE SPRING AND SUMMER, but too much rain and gray skies for almost 8 months of the year for my taste.. and that damnable fog every morning for 5 months or so of the year.. yuck. Other then that a pretty nice place to live though.


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