Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Public Transportation Rocks!

Nice, warm, cozy bus!
Gene and "Missy" walked me to my bus stop. It was freakin' cold standing there for about 5 minutes waiting. There is always a little wind here. But I had my "Cuddle Duds" on (all cold-blooded women should have a pair of these) and a turtleneck under my sweater and I was toasty all day.
They had to keep kicking the ice off the tire-well.


Definitely need to keep the parking lot clear at The Mall.
 I was lovin' my bus driver today.  I heard them say that 4 buses were hit by cars yesterday. It was just as bad today.  Very slick.

This truck's signage really cracked me up this morning. 

I was wondering where all the graders were. Guess The Mall probably pays them big bucks to keep the lot clear. There's a lot of $$ to be spent!

A blue sky would make this picture perfect.

It's fun riding the bus and watching the countryside go by.  I've missed riding ... I think I'll do it again tomorrow.

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