Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tragedy in San Diego

Yesterday I was following a story out of San Diego where a motorcycle group was out on a ride Saturday from SD to Winterhaven (near Yuma)  (story from AP) to celebrate their group's 10th anniversary. Some asshole driving 100+ mph passed the group of a dozen bikes on a straight stretch and the car in the oncoming lane lost control trying to get out of the way, rolled his car and smashed through the middle of the biker's formation, instantly killing 4 of the bikers and the car's passenger. The speeding car driver has not yet been found, they think he may have slipped over the border into Mexico. The bikers left behind kids and very traumatized biker friends.

When I see stories like this I always get a little sick feeling in my stomach because I know every time we roll our bikes, we are at the same risk. Gene and I are as careful as two motorcyclists can be and yet we've had a couple of close calls. When it happens, I'm always a little shaken and reminded that I need to be my most alert self when I'm out riding. No time for daydreaming when I'm holding on to handle bars. Even so, things like what happened in SD can happen to anybody.

My friend at work, Becky, is also a rider. She said she hoped they were having fun before they died. I totally get what she means. Life is to be lived.  I love riding. I know some day I'll have to give it up due to old age but for right now it brings me such freedom & joy and it reminds me of early years when I rode a snowmachine in high school. There's just nothing quite like having the wind in your face and the road so close you can almost touch it.  I'm with my friend ... I hope those who died felt the rush of wind in their face and the beautiful sunshine & blue sky and the rush of the road coming up to meet them before they perished. 

Four wheels move the body.  Two wheels move the soul.  ~Author Unknown

Last night I went to bed thinking about the remaining bikers in that group. I can't even imagine their horror at seeing their friends scattered over the highway, much less having to get back on their bikes and ride home.  It's not a good thing to have any kind of trouble rolling around in your noggin' when you're on a bike. There can't be anything worse than what they witnessed ... and yet they rode home that day.

I wish those bikers left behind by this tragedy only peace & love.

love, Susan

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  1. Oh man, that's awful. What a nightmare for everyone involved.


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