Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take 5 - Day Seven

I'm starting to get the hang of carrying my camera around and shooting.  We went out for a walk today and look what I found. Well, besides more fall leaves. I'll never quite get over how beautiful fall is in this area.  Hope you enjoy.
Spotted these cool mushrooms right at eye level on a carving in the park.

I've never seen this type of mushroom before. Really beautiful, for fungus.

Peace & friendship. I'm all about that!

I love the leaf carpet here. I hope I never grow tired of seeing fall leaves.

"Missy" doesn't really like walking through the leaves.

 I never tire of seeing squirrels - I "heart" them!


  1. That photo shoot covered a lot of ground.. We walked the mile over to the river from our house and then north to Howard Amon Park..about another 3/4 mile maybe, and then west on Lee Blvd, and back home. It was probably 75 minute walk, not at any breakneck speed, just stopping when we wanted to look at something, or let the dog sniff, or the missus shoot some pics. Really nice Tri-Cities fall day!!


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