Friday, November 26, 2010

Nancy, This Is For You!

The kids got here right on time yesterday. They were hungry so we fed them zucchini & banana bread and deviled eggs to keep them happy until dinner at 6 p.m. We were so tired of cooking that we made an executive decision together to skip the mashed potatoes. The stuffing turned out beautiful & we saved room for pie.

Had pie for breakfast this morning while I finished  making pumpkin rolls and Russian Tea Cakes. I have a beautiful fresh fruit salad in the fridge that I forgot to bring out so we'll be having that today with turkey sandwiches and maybe some curry fried turkey rice tonight. Mmm ....

I got to spend some alone time with both JP & Amanda yesterday just catching up and looking forward to playing some Sequence with them today and just hanging out. The weather outside is frosty but we might take a walk around the block to stretch our legs ... maybe or maybe not.

 We're thinking about maybe renting a movie or get in the car and hit the theatre today or tomorrow, or not. Just enjoying some down time and hearing all about their school and future plans.

Missy has fresh people to beg from.

She got the raw entrails from the turkey yesterday and nearly bit my hand off before I could give them to her.  And, look at her here ... she is almost smiling! She loves Thanksgiving.

I'm off to shower and get ready for whatever today brings.  Love having my kids here and feeling so relaxed for this 4-day weekend.  More later ....  love, Susan

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  1. Loved your table. It looked great....thanks for taking that picture. The chargers under the china look great. Glad you had a great day. Love you all. Nancy and Dad.


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