Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 Things I Would Say If I Gave a Commencement Address

I've been following a blogger Stacey Schneller, who posts up fun prompts for writing. I like this one ... hope you'll follow suit and post one of your own!

10 Things Susan Would Say at a Commencement Address
              1. Remember where you came from.
              2. Network.
              3. Look and listen to people when they are talking to you.
              4. Travel a little before you settle down.
              5. Go off the grid on a regular basis.
              6. Make plans but don't plan the outcome.
              7. If you don't know what you want to do, do something anyway. You'll meet people and have experiences and your purpose will become clear one day.
              8. Minimize.
              9. Call your mom.
              10. Help others.
What would you say?

love, susan

Sunday, May 17, 2015


This is a working weekend for me. I have so much to do, so little time. I should be at the store already this morning but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet and I'm afraid neither has my mind.
The thought of spending all day digging up a layer of dirt and grass so we can fill in an area with gravel has me dragging. I'm not cut out for that kind of hard labor. I'm soft. I hate it. What I hate more is looking at how the weeds keep growing up near the walkway to our front door. I keep this in mind while my back is breaking.
I've been through much worse things than a sore back. Someday I'll actually get that stuff down on paper and share it. But right now, I use it as a tool to get through things that are slightly unpleasant.
The upside is that I'm spending time with my hubby and when we're done with this little project we can stand back and say we did this. The upside is that moment when I've used every bit of energy and I fall into my chair for a glass of ice water that's never tasted so good. The upside is today I take ownership of my life and my surroundings.
What tools do you use to get through days where you'd rather be doing something else?
love, susan

Saturday, May 9, 2015

That's How We Roll Dude

No matter that we are out in the middle of freaking-nowhere, my husband can find somebody to chat with. It happened today while on a scoot up to Pendleton and then over to Hepner.  We saw this guy at the gas station and hubby never said a single word to him but as we got down the road, he saw him pulled over and he could not resist the urge to stop and talk to him. It was under the guise of asking him if everything was okay. Bikers really do look out for each other that way. But criminy, he had just filled up with gas not fives miles ago. How could anything be wrong?
It was a beautiful day for riding. Hubby mentioned this morning that I am 1,400 miles short of having 20K on my machine. I'm pretty sure it's his mission now to make those numbers roll over. I wasn't quite prepared for a nearly 300 mile ride today but then, I never am.

I cleared my head, put on my leathers and at the last minute tucked a hoodie in my saddle bag and was glad of that. I ended up putting it on at 4,200 feet above sea level. We saw snow today on the side of the road. We also saw an antelope loping across our path and these beautiful wild flowers.

After we got back, I made a mad dash to the grocery to store to pick up salad fixins to go with pizza we would deliver to a friend who just had carpel tunnel surgery.

It has been one of those summer days that is filled with fun and adventure. Tomorrow is looking like it will be full too although if you asked me I could not give you any details. That's how we roll, dude.
How was your Saturday?

love, susan


Monday, May 4, 2015

Adventure 101

I went on a little adventure yesterday morning with my photo walking buddy. We set out to see the pelicans but it turned into part photo walk, part road trip. Long story short, we were trying to get to the other side of the Yakima rRiver and spent an hour driving in one direction and then backtracked to finally get there. 
It matters not. I had a full tank of gas.
To think we would have missed these three deer crossing the river. I said, "hey, I think there are deer crossing the river". She said, "I thought those were ducks".  Such is our conversation sometimes. She hands me her camera while I stop the car on a not-so-busy highway at the back road to Benton City. Good thing she emailed me this photo because I forgot all about it. We were so intent on finding the road to the other side of the Yakima River that I forgot all the wonderful things in between. We took roads we've never been on and finally decided to drive to the end of the most unlikely road to get exactly where we wanted to be. For any locals reading this, and mostly for me so I won't forget, it's at the end of N. Herrington Road in W. Richland. Just keep driving. It doesn't make sense but just keep driving.
I'm going back to work this morning after suffering a bout of a stomach bug that is still not entirely gone but at least I can stand up straight today. I don't do sick very well. Such a waste of time to lay in bed writhing in pain.
New day. New adventures to be had.
Have you ever just turned down a road to see what's there? Do you give up just before you find the right spot? Do you have good friends who'll go with you on adventures?
love, susan

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