Friday, November 12, 2010

God Didn't Make Little Green Apples

So ... we're standing in the thrift store in Coeure d'Alene yesterday and Gene sees this LP and says, "Susan, did you ever hear this one before"?  

LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.  Gene is my soul-mate. I knew it the morning we woke up in a motel a little over 9 years ago and he walked across the street to buy me a cup of coffee and brought it back while I was still in bed.  I knew it when we were standing on the banks of a huge, thawing lake in Canada for an hour, like little kids, throwing rocks at the ice-cycles just so we could hear the tinkling sound they made when they broke apart in the water.  I knew it when we were in the middle of Nevada, early one morning,  in the great basin, and stopped to get out to take in the vastness of the valley and  said at the very same time, "isn't this beautiful".  And I knew it when he picked up this album and said "this was my favorite album". 

If you've never heard Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell sing a duet, I feel sorry for your ears.  There have never been two people who were more right for each other musically than these two.  I think they only made one album but according to Wikipedia, it stayed #1 on the country Billboard Charts 1968 for quite a while.

I found them on YouTube this morning.  Have a little listen ... "Little Green Apples"

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  1. It's for sale on Itunes!! Buck up and make the big leap...I think I'm going to get it too. I just love it when I hear an old favorite I'd forgotten about....


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