Monday, November 29, 2010

Out With The Old, In With the New

 I bought Gene a new computer monitor yesterday. I had been planning to do it for about a month now and finally did it. It's his 60th birthday next Saturday, so I used that as an 'excuse' to get it for him. He never buys anything for himself.  I think I did a good thing. Just one day with his new monitor and I can tell he loves it!

I know he won't be able to part with his old monitor. He has history with the old monitor. I can't even imagine how many millions of pages he has viewed on that old screen. She works just fine but once he plugged in the new girl, the old one is now sitting on the floor and will soon join the other old monitors in the computer equipment cemetery he keeps behind cupboard doors in the basement which he calls his office. 

When my son was here this weekend, we briefly talked about how we switched from dial up to DSL while he was living with us in Yuma. It was a difficult sell to Gene but I suspect he'll never go back to dial-up. Do they even have dial-up?  I'm hoping he'll never go back to his old monitors. I think the new one will be much easier on his eyes.  I get it that we should use things until they are worn out but his eyes are really strained a lot these days and I'm hoping the new screen will be gentler on them.  

In the meantime, I still have one of those very old monitors on my home office desk. It works just fine and I can't really justify buying a new one just yet. My computer is very old and I fear one day it will be crashed when I sit down to write. But until then, it has some sentimental value to me. Justin left it for me when he went off to college in Flagstaff. He was laughing about the wide, clear tape we have on it to keep the sides from falling off. It is pretty ugly but it's totally functional right now.

Well, I know this post was a lot to do about nothing.  Back to a 5-day work week.  Yikes!!!
love, Susan


  1. I think the days of using something until it's worn out are over, at least electronic wise! They make it so you HAVE to upgrade. I have a feeling once SUSAN gets a new flat screen monitor she'll never look back eiher! A wireless keyboard and mouse are awfully nice as well!

  2. We all got new LCD screens at work last year. When they said they were buying them for us, I said, "oh, I don't really need one, my screen is perfectly fine". But, if they tried to take it away from me now, I'd kick & scream like a hungry baby! I wish there was a way old equipment didn't end up in the dump, that's my only thing. Around here, it's hard to find anyone who will take the old monitors to recycle them.

  3. If we could recycle our bodes I would be a very happy camper....


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