Saturday, March 26, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Thank you for the box of books, Kathy!
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Oh, how I love it when my high school friend sends me books she has already read. It's so nice to have a reader buddy that likes the same kind of books. When I go to pick out books, it's always a little overwhelming, so having hand-picked books is like having a personal shopper. The box arrived yesterday. It's like Christmas in March!

Of course, then there is the decision about which one to start reading first.  My choice is "The Year of Fog" by Michelle Richmond. Here's the teaser paragraph from the back:

"Here is the truth, this is what I know: I was walking on the beach with Emma. It was cold and very foggy. She let go of my hand. I stopped to photograph a baby seal, then glanced up toward the Great Highway. When I looked back, Emma was gone."  

Kind of reminds me of "The Deep End of the Ocean", which was a real page turner.

It's a good thing it's raining today because I also have this DVD series another friend lent to me that I began watching this morning. Oh boy ... it's really good and I'm just watching one episode at a time. I've already watched 4 episodes today. They are 45 minutes each so I get up and do something in between so I don't feel like a total lazy butt. 

In between episodes, Gene and I ran down to JC Penney's because I had a $10 off coupon good for any purchase of $25 or more that expired today. When we got to the counter, turns out the sales lady had another $10 coupon at the counter so I got a screaming good deal today. Love that!

Got home from Penney's and took Missy for a 1.5 mile walk before we got rained on. Look at these pretty little flowers I found. I love this color of blue. It was a nice contrast to the gray skies and liquid sunshine.

My neighbor came across the street to say hello and show me her new boxer puppy. I had already put my camera inside but I promise I'll be shooting a couple of pics of that puppy soon.  Good grief, that puppy is cute!

So, after all that excitement, I went back in the house and got my kitchen scissors and cut myself a few flowers to bring inside.  If the sun isn't going to shine, I'll just bring the flowers indoors.

What a beautiful day it has been, so far!

love, susan 


  1. How I love violets. Glad you are having a great day and got so many good books. I still have some from the trip Gene and I made when we were there. Need another good run like that one with treasures waiting.

  2. BTW I waited all day for this. You make my day when I can read your bog. Huggs and we LOVE you ...

  3. Glad you enjoy the books personal favorite was The Blessing of the Animals........

  4. i'm a reader too....but mostly listen to audio books and they must be thrillers!! LOL

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog today and love, love, love the pictures of the flowers. I've had a bunch of crocus bloom and now the grape hyacinths are coming up all over. But, your violets are my very favorite! Wish I had a friend who sent me books. I usually get my audio books at the library.


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