Saturday, March 12, 2011

Funky Little Men

This little guy came with the house when we bought it.  I don't have the heart to get rid of him, so I move him around all summer long and this is just where he's been sitting all winter.  I love the little smirk on his face.  How could I ever get rid of him now? He's a part of this funky little herb garden. 

I took a quick tour of my backyard herb garden this morning with my camera. I have not been very inspired lately to get out and get new photos.  The gas price last night at our local Shell station read $3.53. The increasing prices may keep us closer to home until it's warm enough to get on the motorcycle, which gets about 52 miles to the gallon.

Chives are coming up.

I forget what these are called. They will bloom!

Everything is coming up right on time!

Missy doesn't care about spring, she just wants to play.
I hope wherever you are that spring is poking through the ground.

love, susan


  1. Nothing poking through here for a LONG time! My son-in-law has a "thing" for Garden Nomes (or however you spell it). I heard they are supposed to bring good luck!! huggs!

  2. haha nothing here. We have a while to go as I am sure you remember. I might have to do an indoor herb garden next year.
    Have fun ...
    our gas is average $3.85 in palmer/anchorage area. Kaili says is $.10 more in fairbanks. yikees.

  3. gnomes... Ours needs a paint job, but that would ruin him.. so he remains scarred and battered by snow, wind and rain..but always with the smirk.


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