Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee - The Elixir of Life or Nectar of the Gods - You Choose

I stayed up far too late last night because one of my good friends made a killer pot of coffee!  I only had one cup but it rendered me almost speechless, it was that good!

I will be regretting it about 3:00 o'clock today but perhaps I'll be able to find another good cup of coffee before the day is over.

Such is the cycle of caffiene addiction. 

Happy Thursday everybody!

 love, susan


  1. I agree with the slogan "You can sleep when you're dead" although I am not a coffee drinker.

  2. Is there a support group for coffee???

  3. Yes. They meet at Starbucks. :-) Relapse is a problem though.

    I have tried quitting coffee. It causes a horrible, week-long headache, dizziness, and an "empty hand" syndrome. :-(


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