Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buttermilk & Chips, etc.

Weird topic. I know.  I was looking through my draft posts and this is a left-over from my February "love" posts that I never finished writing about. 

I've been experiencing heartburn for a couple of weeks now. It's happening during the day and sometimes when I am sleeping it wakes me up. I'm seeing the doctor about it ... it's that bad. 

Yesterday, I had a horrible thought. Maybe I should try giving up caffeine. Just the thought of that kept me up all night.  (giggles) When I even suggested it, Gene said, "you don't have to give up coffee. Try Prilosec."  He's a fellow coffee lover and my favorite enabler. Yeah, giving up coffee is a pretty drastic measure, for sure. Banish the thought.

Oops, this post is about buttermilk. I do love buttermilk and chips. You take your chip and dip it in buttermilk and it's a wonderful thing. I love all kinds of weird combinations of food. But I'm afraid my body is turning on me. Even oatmeal is giving me heartburn.  What the heck?

I swear, if my doctor utters those words you hate to hear doctors say, "well, at your age ...", I'm going to buy a red hat. I have a great doctor. I say that because I haven't had a real doctor that I could actually put a name to when asked "who is your doctor" since my early days when my son was little. I just don't go very often so I haven't really had one. But since we moved to Tri-Cities, we have found the medical community to be really good here. It's nice to have one doctor who is building a medical history now that I'm getting older.

My doctor's office actually schedules 30 minutes for a visit. Can you believe that?  And, my doctor actually looks me in the eye when I'm talking and he gives me feedback.  The last time I was there, he said my cholesterol is too high. I begged him not to put me on meds for it and he gave me six months to get the numbers down. I don't think it's going to be good news when I get my blood work done.

Now with this heartburn thing ... I may have to own my own pill box. And give up buttermilk & chips.  Just don't call me old.  Just don't make me wear a red hat.  And, please don't ask me to give up coffee.

love, susan 



  1. Susan, it's called GERD. I have taken the "little purple pill" Nexium for a few years now and one at night keeps the heartburn away and I have my coke and drink it too! My husband has it really bad and takes Prilosec. It helps so much. No, you aren't getting old, but your parts have run out of warranty! sorry! LOL

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jane! The thought of giving up coffee just sends shudders through me!!

  3. The whole GERD thing... I started on Omeprazole, the generic name for Prilosec.. when i moved to Yuma, AZ as it was only 12 miles to Mexico, where the last time I bought the stuff it was 120 capsules for $5.95. Yes you read that right.. under six bucks for not 24, not 42, but 1/3 of a YEARS WORTH of them. Just shows how screwed we are by our Pharmaceutical companies here. The last time I looked the OTC, over the counter was priced at $22 or so for 42 pills still and a generic was just a dollar or so under that.

  4. I need a reminder to take a Prilosec when I get home. Ay yi yi.


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