Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Favorite Mistake

I made a mistake last week. It caused my boss to be very irritated with me but I immediately fessed up to it and took my lumps. I lost some sleep over it. I hate when that happens. Losing sleep.  And making mistakes.

It was a hard reminder that I'm not perfect. But as long as I am willing to grow, I can move forward and learn from my mistakes.

I think I'm having growing pains. 

I don't really like having growing pains but on the other hand, I like being stagnant even less.  Always being safe and doing the same safe thing is more painful than the growing part, for me. This week, I just wanted to run and hide and lick my wounds. That feeling only lasted about 24 hours.

One of my friends posted on her FB recently, "The future is full of change and adventure. I'm excited to see what's next!"  I love that! That's exactly how I feel today.  However, I was not feeling that way earlier in the week, trust me on that.  I was thinking that flipping hamburgers or cleaning toilets for a living sounded pretty good.  I mean no disrespect to the folks who make their living that way. I think everyone has a job that suits them and I'm grateful to everyone who makes the world go round.  We're all in this together. I need every single person who I cross paths with.  I need all those uncomfortable situations to help me grow. I am super grateful I don't have to have them quite so often anymore.
So, thank you to my friend, Teri, for posting a comment that I really needed to hear today. You just never know how your comments can help someone else ...

love, susan   

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  1. oh, Susan, "you never know how your comments can help someone else" is SO true!! I love your blog, it helps me "keep on keeping on" and yes, we are all human. I have made some big mistakes in my life too but the only bad thing about making a mistake is if we don't learn something from it. You know? Learning is good, even though I have some days where I just don't want to learn another damn thing!! ~sigh~ You are awesome, mistakes just make you even more awesome!!


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