Sunday, March 13, 2011


What a dreary day this has been. It wasn't raining when we got up but by the time I left the house to go check out the horses out near Benton City, it was starting.  I went anyway. I stayed 5 minutes and high-tailed it out of there as I was cold to the bone.  I had spotted an awesome hawk on a fence post and when I backtracked, he was still there but as soon as I pulled my car over to a stop, he flew away. He was the biggest hawk I've ever seen. Guess he was camera shy.

From there, I decided to take the long way home since I was already out and had nothing on my agenda today. It started raining harder so I never got my camera out. I feel achy and lethargic today. 

Stopped at RedBox to rent a video and ended up with "Conviction". Turned out to be a really awesome flick. I love the double entendre of the title.  It's a true story. I highly recommend it.

Went for a walk with "Missy" just a little bit ago as the rain lifted for a minute. Shot a couple of photos just to try to bring my spirits upIt worked.

I love the colors of spring.

My camera made rain look beautiful today.

I couldn't get this in focus. It's very tiny but a sure sign of more flowers to come!
I got this little ceramic yard-art that sits on top of a metal stick. Silly but it made me smile!

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