Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Kitchen Ballet

I have to chuckle at myself sometimes because I start writing about something and it just goes off onto another trail. It's how my mind works. If you have been following me, I'm sure you already get that. Yesterday, I started out talking about Joshua trees but ended up in the kitchen.

Which got me to thinking about my kitchen and ballet.  (I need therapy ... I know). 

I chose this photo to post which I took in 2008 when one of Gene's daughters and her family came to visit us. I think it was their first visit to our house since we moved to Washington and we didn't have any furniture yet and were sitting on lawn chairs in our living room. The kitchen is always where we all end up together ....

These grand kids love to eat. I've noticed ever since I became a part of their family that you no sooner get the breakfast dishes put away before you hear "what's for lunch".  The thing is, these kids are very active. They don't do much time in front of the TV. When they come to visit, we usually walk down to the Columbia River from our place and there is a great playground there and nice walking trails. It's a good 3 mile round-trip walk and they're hungry when we get home.

The kitchen ballet (you thought I wasn't going to talk about the kitchen, huh) is simply when I'm in the kitchen, I'm all over the place.  I was thinking about it this morning when I was doing the dishes. The reason I'm always moving in the kitchen is that my mind usually has about 5 things on its "to do" list. For instance, I need to make my lunch, figure out something for breakfast, make OJ, wipe down the counters, put the clean clothes in the dryer, feed the dog.  WAIT .... put the clean clothes in the dryer?  Yeah, it's all about timing.

Break.  I gotta go put the clothes in the dryer ... RIGHT NOW.

Back to the kitchen ballet.  Yeah. When I'm in the kitchen, there are many things going on and I can be standing at the stove one moment stirring the oatmeal and the very next moment I'm in a cupboard across the room looking for crackers for my lunch.  And, heaven help the people and animals who stand in my way. I'm working on having more patience in this area of my life but I haven't quite got it down yet, the patience part. I've met very few people who I can be in the kitchen with who think like I do and can sense when I'm about to make a strategic move. Our dog and cat have even started joining us in the kitchen every morning and I find myself straddling them to get around. I think I need a door on the kitchen. Yeah! That's what I need.

Let me break it down in a visual 

The thing is I have this much stuff to do: <--------------------------------->
and this much time:                                                    <--------------->

I don't have time to waste my steps.  See my previous post on this topic: "Never Waste a Step" 

Gotta go now ... and get on that darn treadmill.

love, susan


  1. I will practice my Leap before we get up there Sue. Wait can a short chubby old lady LEAP???

  2. Leaping yes ... twirling without getting dizzy? I don't know!

  3. I totally understand about the Kitchen Ballet....I do it too. Why do something in 4 steps when I can do it in 2....I'm making lunch but can be doing "this" for dinner too so I move to do that, etc. All we need are tutus and a symphony in the living room.....HA!

  4. I just have to say...I so relate and love your blog - you're a treasure!

  5. You bet Sue is a treasure and she is priceless.....


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