Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Running out of time this morning but wanted to put on paper, so to speak, what's on my mind.  Over the weekend, I got my camera out and shot a few pics but my heart wasn't much into it. I'd call that a slump.  But I did take a photo that I ended up downloading to my Tri-Cities Digital Photography Club website where they ask you to post your best 3 daily. I rarely post anything because I don't think my photos are good enough.  What poppycock.  The club members are totally awesome people and they range from the most amateur to very professional people.  The professionals are there to help us amateurs and they do a swell job of it.

So, I took a photo on Sunday that I already used in a post on this blog but I downloaded it to my club website because I really loved this photo. It has meaning to me. 

Here it is and here is a nice comment I received from a club member:

"I love this shot! It's clear, good depth, nice color and wonderful movement. Very creative and unique.  Thank you for this fresh perspective." ~ Tina

I also want to point to a recent post in a blog I follow that really speaks to "comparing myself to others". If you're reading this right now and have doubts about your ability to do whatever it is that you dream about doing, I hope you'll read Chris Guillebeau's post on this topic.

My mom used to say, "Susan, you can do anything you put your mind to".  She was right.

love, susan 

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