Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoo (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

We visited the zoo in Mexico City last October. I didn't know there was a zoo there until a couple of days before departing and we were discussing what we'd do while there. My hubby has been to MC before. I lit up when he said there was a zoo. Get this, the admission to the MC zoo is free. The only admission we paid was to enter the butterfly house which was $4 each.  WORTH EVERY PENNY! It was my favorite exhibit, second only to the bird section where the birds were "free range" and we were inside the caged area with the birds up close and personal. 
I had never seen a panda bear even though I've visited the San Diego zoo. The line in SD was too long and I have no patience for that.  In Mexico City, we visited on a weekday so there were no children. We practically had the entire zoo to ourselves.   The one downside to the MC zoo is that the bathrooms are far and few between. One thing to remember if you go to Mexico City is that you must pay to use the bathrooms. It's only a few pesos but can turn into a real emergency if you don't have any coins in your pocket. All the restrooms we visited were clean and well maintained.
I know I shouldn't love going to the zoo but I do. We live four hours from Portland, Oregon and have visited the zoo there a couple of times. My favorite exhibit there is the bat cave. They are interesting little creatures and it's a treat to watch them feast on fresh fruit, underground in a dark cave with only a plate of glass separating us. I can feel you shuddering.
Do you have a zoo in your area?  Do you ever visit?

Hey! I made it through the April 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge without missing one day.  The best part for me has been finding some great new blogs to follow.  There were over 2,000 participants and the bloggers I've chosen to follow have all kept their commitment to this challenge. Thanks to all who have commented and are following me. I hope I always have something interesting to say and my goal is to always have a photo up with my posts.
love, susan


  1. Congratulations for reaching your A to Z blogging goal! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life.

    In answer to your question…there is a zoo nearby, but I have never visited during the seven years I've lived here. The last time I went to a zoo was when I accompanied my daughter's third-grade class on a field trip to the Knoxville Zoo… 20 years ago. It was a long, hot, boring day with most of the animals hidden from view as they sought cool comfort as far from the visitors as they could get.

    This post made me think of a documentary I watched recently… Disneynature: Wings of Life. Have you ever seen that? I'm not usually a fan of bats, but I was mesmerized as I watched the time lapse night shots of bats feeding on the cactus flower. (The cinematography of Louie Schwartzberg is AMAZING!) Incredible footage! The scenes with bazillions of monarch butterflies literally covering the trees…breathtaking. And I learned about how vital flowers--and their pollinators (bats included)--are to our existence.

    Okay. I'm done rambling.

    Keep posting, Susan!

  2. You did it Congratulations! I look forward to visiting you for your normal posts.

    We haven't been to the zoo in a while. Definitely a good thing to keep in mind as the school year comes to a close.

  3. The zoo in Mexico City sounds really fun. We do have a zoo where I live, but it is sooo small, and ironically one of the most expensive to enter that I've ever been to. So, when we travel, we love to go to the zoo if they have a big one. Congrats on getting through the a-z challenge without missing a day! Me too, but there might have been a day or two where I worried I wouldn't make it.. LoL

  4. Congratulations! From A to Z! :D

  5. Congratulations Susan!! We did it!! Sigh of relief. I know you're tired because I'm am. You can tell. It's May 2nd and I'm just getting to your Z post. I did mine on Z is for Zoo too! I totally understand your fascination with the bats. Here in Austin we have the largest colony of Mexican Free Tail Bats in the world! They even have a Bat Fest every year with all monies raised going to bat conservation. The bats help keep the mosquito population down around here. I love bats. The Bat is one of my power animals! :) Congrats on a job well done! Excellent writing, great posts. I've enjoyed every visit to your blog! <3

  6. I have always wanted to go to a butterfly "zoo" or whatever they are. It just seems like it would be so magical. I love your outlook on life. You are very special, Susan, and I always knew it from the moment I met you. You are very talented...should be a full-time writer.


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