Friday, April 4, 2014

Dog Day (A to Z Blog Challenge)

Are you a dog lover?  Me too!
I've had dogs my entire life except for a seven year stretch when we lived in the deserts of Arizona. In the summers, it's hard enough to be a human being in the 100+ degree weather let alone wearing a fur 24/7. Seems too cruel to keep a dog there.

Now that we live in eastern Washington, I've made up for lost time by rescuing 3 beautiful animals that are family to us. My husband is more of a cat person and for that we have one fat, lazy tabby cat.

I'm a supporter of the local  Humane Society but my husband won't let me go visit anymore. We never come home empty-handed and it has caused a lot of dog hair in every corner of our place. Our third dog is an adoptee from a friend who was moving.
It has been a tough year in adding our third dog. She is the smallest but definitely the bitchiest and there has been a lot of adjusting to do. There is a pack mentality that lies just under the surface of our fur kids that never goes away and we've become keen at watching and listening for the bad behavior. Fur has flown and blood has been drawn.
We only invite dog people to our house these days. If you are one, you totally understand this statement. If you're not, we have a nice sticky rolling lint brush for you in every room of our house because we know dog hair drives you crazy.  I keep a roller in the car and work. I have a couple of friends who are allergic to dogs and I feel bad that I can't have them over.
Enough talk ... let me show them off!
Remi, small in stature
BIG in attitude!

Can you say OBSESSED with anything

Remi is not happy until she has
all the toys.

Missy, the old girl.
She is faithful and sweet!



  1. Hi Susan, I posted about dogs today too. Thanks for commenting so I could find your blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts this month-- so nice to discover new blogs through the Challenge, it's why I join every year.

  2. Aw Susan, your fur-family is fabulous! I know about the pack hierarchy and the pack mentality. It's only natural that we impose our humanness onto our dogs and sometimes people forget that they are, after all, dogs. You know I have the dogsitting business so I frequently have new visitors here and it's just so fascinating to watch how they communicate with each other. I have learned so much about dog behavior over the last 12 years. I'm always captivated by their language. Your dogs are beautiful!

  3. Those happy pooch faces are adorable! Kudos to you for looking after them.

  4. All your "fur babies" are so cute! So sweet too that you adopt from the animal shelter! Yes we are dog people and the dog rules our house :)


  5. My heart always melts at the unconditional love shown by dogs! (

  6. Aws they're lovely! And yep so know what you mean. Here if you aren't a cat or dog person best we visit at your home. The herd babes rule the house and always trump outsiders. lol

    Thanks for sharing your herd babes (and for adopting!--I run an animal rescue and it's always wonderful to hear of people adopting their herds)
    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

  7. I"m a dog lover too...just one, a sweet, sweet beagle. There's also dog hair EVERYWHERE but I can't help cuddling with her, even when I need the lint roller before I leave my apartment!
    Shelly Burke, checking in with the A to Z Challenge from and (also less than 100 followers!)

  8. I wouldn't make it with out a dog...IN ARIZONA...I get my long haired doxie a buzz cut for the summer. Major dog hair issues hadnt been a major issue til last year when we rescued a corgi heeler mix pup. Now there are small hair piles everywhere. Our family also is short underwear, socks, gym trunks, and shoes from his chewing. But we love him


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