Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Snap Snap (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

I love snapping photos. If I had to choose only one material
thing to keep and get rid of all my earthly possessions,
I'd keep my camera.  What would you keep?

My hubby and dogs

Happy Earth Day!


  1. If I can count my journal volumes as "one" material possession, then I would keep those.

  2. I'd choose my iPad. It has a camera but it also gives me access to the world, a word processor, entertainment, keeps me on time . . . You name it! Oh! And books. I cannot live well without reading. Good question. Happy Earth Day!

  3. I would keep my camera as well! I love photos and scrapbooking :)

  4. My Kindle...I am not without it and my books. It takes me all over the world and then some. Every book is a movie in my head. Do you love to read? . Happy Earth Day..

  5. My iPad for sure! It can keep me connected, it has a fabulous camera and it has my whole kindle and book library on it...


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