Friday, April 18, 2014

P for Peppermint Ice Cream (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

In an uncanny move, my husband brought home Peppermint Ice today. How could he know I needed a "P" word for today's post?
He was shopping over at Grocery Outlet and while picking up our favorite coffee beans he decided to check the freezer section for cheap ice cream. I can only imagine his surprise when he saw it sitting there in the freezer section. We recently had a conversation about this topic and I told him it could be found but he doubted me. He thinks it is only a seasonal item.  I was right.  He was wrong. I know the ice cream section, okay?
Peppermint Ice Cream holds a special place in our hearts. Early (I'm talking the first two weeks) in our relationship, we were holding hands and cruising the ice cream freezer at Safeway, trying to decide what to buy for dessert.  When one of us spotted the candy cane flavored ice cream, we looked at each other and I swear to you I heard angels sing. He loves it as much as, or more than I do. We knew instantly we were soul mates. Truth.
Do you have a soul mate? Do you love Peppermint Ice Cream? Do you love being right?
love, susan


  1. "I swear, I heard angels singing" lol! Love this post. So glad you have your soulmate.

    My husband wouldn't touch half the things I eat. Neapolitan ice cream for him.I don't think I've met an ice cream flavor I didn't like. Plain hamburgers for him--I like mine with everything. No salads for him. Like ice cream, I've never met a salad I didn't like... And on and on it goes. :-)

    Good luck with the A to Z! I got your name from the blogs with fewer than 100 followers. Am following you now. :-)

  2. Well two out of three good....Love peppermint ice cream and being right...Got some over Christmas and thought of you two.

  3. Batting three for three here :). Who doesn't love peppermint ice cream?!?
    The Five Dog Blog

  4. I LOVE peppermint! In fact, a co-worker just gave me a box of candy canes that she had left over from Christmas. I have never tried the ice cream though, but now I sure am in the mood for some. :-)

    As for being right..... Of course! LOL!

    Stefani @ Dreams of Nyssa


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