Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for QUITTER (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

I'm a quitter.  I haven't always been but life events forced me to take a good look at how I spend my time. There are obvious things a person can't stop doing but my goal in life is to enjoy washing the dishes, folding the laundry and shopping for groceries. One might think that's a crazy statement but I've learned a few things along the way and I'm here today to share it.

I wrote a couple of posts in 2010 about making a Stop Doing List.  It was inspired by a blog I follow called The Art of Nonconformity.  The author is a young guy from Portland, Oregon who has traveled the world and helped many people get started with their dreams. He is an optimist and I dig that.

That list I wrote 4 years ago has expanded but I never bothered to write it down until now.
More Things I've Quit Doing Since 2010
  • Attending baby showers. I hate baby showers. Squirrel, if you are reading this, I'll go to yours but only because I love you.
  • Bridal showers. I haven't been invited lately but I'd politely say no, thank you.
  • Funerals. Celebrations of life? Yes, I'll go.
  • Tupperware, Mary Kaye, Pampered Chef parties.
  • Washing my own car. I now take my car to the car wash every Sunday.
  • Buying things I don't need at the thrift store.
  • Hoarding crap
  • Wearing makeup.
  • High heels.
  • Nylons!  That's a big one for me. No nylons when I wear dresses.
Do you do things you wish you didn't have to? Do you really have to them?  What would you put on your To Stop Doing List?   Leave me a comment if you feel inclined.
love, susan


  1. I should follow your example and make a list of things that I have intentionally stopped doing as I have gotten older/wiser and realized time is the most precious commodity....hmmmm, where to start because my list is LOOOONNNNGGGGG.

    I linked to your #AtoZChallenge participation on my post for 'R' - No I Wont Review Your Book. Keep up the good work.

  2. I've stopped watching movies to completion if they are just crummy. I used to feel that since I spent money to rent them, I should watch them all the way through. Not any more. If the acting sucks, there is no plot, dumb, dumb, dumb - I'm done. Also, if I don't like a book and I'm halfway thru it and forcing myself to read to the finish - I don't. Just close it and give it away or return to the library. Poof - my memory is so bad that I forget about it quickly. :)

  3. Oh gosh yes, I quit everything I don't absolutely have to do. I quit writing a story last year and I nearly quit A to Z at least three times this month. What I'd really like to quit is my poor eating habits. Or my job. :/

  4. I really like your quit list. I'm about to quit baby showers, I think. Hubby and I are child-free by choice and baby showers seem to be a good place to be bugged about that. I've also quit the home parties (Mary Kay, 31, etc).


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