Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Push My Buttons

I'm going to be learning a lot about my blog in a more technical way during this A to Z Challenge. In a private group I belong to there has been much chatter about buttons and gadgets and other techy words I'm not all the familiar with.   I just want to write.  And more than that, I hope for a few comments.
The thing is, I've got to get with the program and keep my blog sharp and up to date with the latest buttons. I haven't fine tuned it in quite a while so here is my chance to learn.
Last night I added a g+ button and played around with the gadgets. It's not quite where I want it yet but I'm not afraid to keep tweaking it. If you've read this far, I hope you push my buttons and check out some of my past favorite posts.
I've been blogging for over 2 years now and covered all kinds of topics but with this challenge I'm thinking I need to reel in it and work on the technical side of things for a bit and get myself up to date.
If you have any helpful tips or advice, I am all ears.  Please leave a comment with your ideas and tell me ... what is your favorite button?  What button should I absolutely have on my blog?
love, susan


  1. I don't blame you. All I want to do is write, too. It's overwhelming. A Twitter and a Facebook button are the two I most look for, although I don't use Twitter that much. (I should). Google Circles is interesting, but I've always heard it treated as "the little step-brother" to the other social networking giants. Not sure I'm a fan of it yet.

  2. I would love to see Like buttons (they're called Reaction buttons here at Blogspot): that gives visitors a chance to let you know they've been here and gives them an opportunity to let you know that they like your post. So many times I want to like or react to a post but the blogger didn't include the buttons to do so. It also serves to provide great feedback for the writer/blogger. Not sure how you go about adding those to your posts because I'm not a blogspot person but hopefully it's an easy set up where they would be automatically added to every post. The technical side of the blogging thing can definitely be grating on the nerves, that's for sure. Good luck on your quest to explore the less fun side of blogging...

  3. Good luck with all you plan to do with your blog. I host an online blog marathon called Bloggiesta and we just finished up our Spring weekend of blogging. But the archive list of all the technical help we've given each other is on our blog. Here's link: I'm sure you'll be able to find tons to help you! Happy A to Z blogging!

    1. A big blogger's thank you for the info! I shall check it out!

  4. I'm not much with technology or having lots of buttons on my blog; what attracts me to blogs are the writing (and the names of blogs, that's why I'm reading yours :)


  5. Nicely done with your G+! I love tweaking the blog and working on gadgets and html code. It's so interesting to me. Blogger makes some pretty good base ones but I like to tweak on my own. Thankfully a lot of things can be...undone on blogger by just deleting the troublesome widget if it's causing trouble.

    What I like when I hit a blog is to be able to find the follow options very easily and at the top. Twitter/FB/Pinterest/email subscriptions/etc.

    Good luck with your tweaking. It's nerve wracking at first but once you start getting the hang of it you'll be off :)

    Happy A to Z-ing!
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