Monday, January 10, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

"The Thinker"
New day.  Thank goodness.  Yesterday was kind of gray and even though I went to see the beagle puppies in the afternoon, it was one of those days where all I could do was hang on and know my shitty mood would eventually pass.  And, it did.   I love it that I have lived long enough to know that somes days are just not as much fun as others and that it's okay.  It will pass.
Woke up this morning with a new attitude and energy. Walked 30 minutes on the treadmill, sat down in front of the light box and wrote a letter to my niece and just getting ready to go have a big bowl full of yummy oatmeal with blackberries in it.  And, go to work.

I'm not going to let yesterday's moody blues bleed into today.  And that's that!
love, susan


  1. i didn't sleep at all night before last...up all night crying over some pretty heavy stuff i'm dealing with and was about the same all day yesterday. took a sleeping pill the dentist gave me some time ago and slept better last night than i have in months! today looks a lot brighter. You are right about being old enough to know that whatever it is it will pass. glad you are doing better today. huggs.

  2. What kind of treadmill did you guys end up getting? If it were not for those shitty days we wouldn't appreciate the really good ones. Gotta have a point of reference.......

  3. We got a Proform (2.5 hp) from Sears. I LOVE IT!

  4. By the way, could you guys tell this is a shadow of my dog? She is sitting just at the end of the table, looking out the window at the squirrel.

  5. Regarding the treadmill, it is a ProForm Crosswalk Sport. Had the best deal, $220 off of the normal price, of $599 so got it down to $379, and it is just the one that fit the bill for us. Has enough power, and is plenty sturdy enough for folks like us who don't run on it, has speed up to 10MPH and incline of 10%, and at least for me, those are both WAY high enough. When I was doing it every day a year ago at the gym, I topped out at 4.0 MPH at 6% grade for 30 minutes. I didn't go up and down, but just did a 30 second ramp up at beginning and ramp down at the end. Now that SHADOW.. yup, that is our dog, no doubt about it.. I have to agree with Susan, that she is right at the top of the heap of dogs that I have had.

  6. I love my treadmill too, just don't love using it so much! (fat girl humor!) $379 is a steal for sure. I'd much rather walk outside but there are plenty of days here that aren't conducive to that...


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