Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beagle Puppies -- Must See!

We visited some puppies today.  My friend, Becky's folks' dog had a litter of puppies about 4 weeks ago. There are 5 of them and we were lucky to be invited to go visit them.

While Gene stood and visited with Becky's dad, I got to hold a couple of these little beagles and I ended up taking 65 photos. They were really hard to photograph because they were either sleeping (boring!) or they were constantly moving after they woke up. 
I sure loved holding them and watching them play.

Sounds like all these babies are going to be placed in special homes except for the one Becky's folks are keeping. They are all keepers, if you ask me! Hope you'll enjoy these pics!

love, susan

This is Bill (Becky's fiance)


  1. ADORABLE!! Don't you know this is a form of torture? kind of like me going to the Humane Society and playing with kittens.....

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  3. I can honestly say, I have no desire for a puppy. They're really cute and all of that, but I like 'em house & kennel trained!

  4. just adorable!! i'm going to be puppy sitting Taylor's new aussie puppie, Pippin, starting tomorrow night while she goes to Hawaii. can you say loss of sleep? should be interesting. there WILL be picture on my blog!

  5. They are sweet, adorable, lovely, furry and fun... I love it!


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