Saturday, January 15, 2011

List: 20 Rules I've Broken

I happened onto a website yesterday that has 346 creative writing prompts.  Prompt No. 305 is "List 20 Rules I've Broken".  That sounded kind of fun. These are in no particular order, just writing as they come to mind. 

Have you ever broken any rules?

1.  Didn't pick up my dog's poop in the park.
2.  Drove without my seat belt on.
3.  Had ice cream for breakfast.
4.  Took a shower in an RV park where I wasn't staying.
5.  Drove wrong way on a one-way street.
6.  Blew through lots of stop signs.
7.  Stole potatoes from a little old lady's garden when I was a teenager.
8.  Stayed to watch a 2nd movie at the theater when I only paid for one.
9.  Wore white shoes after September. (what a stupid rule!)
10. Skipped a lot of high school classes to watch "The Young & The Restless".
11.  Definitely have broken "The Golden Rule".
12.  Drank long before I was of legal age.
13.  Had two boyfriends at the same time. 
14.  Drove while intoxicated.
15.  Watched lots of R rated movies when I was a teenager (I worked at a theater).
16.  Stayed out past curfew a million times.
17.  Surfed the net while on the job.
18.  Peeked at Christmas presents under the tree when I was a kid.
19.  Snuck out the back door at boring parties.
20.  Trespassed when clearly I shouldn't have.

Well, this has been an interesting exercise.  I actually might have some new topics to blog about later on. 



  1. How interesting!! i had no idea you were such a "bad" girl!! LOL i have broken rules too...but am too embarrassed to list them.

  2. Oh, trust me, Jane, these are only the ones I'm willing to put out there for the entire world to see. I'm happy to say I try to not break so many rules these days.

  3. I wanna know whose garden you pilfered potatoes from...Mrs. Roberts?

  4. I think that was probably her name. She lived just a stone's throw down the hill from that white house we lived in. OMG ... the guilt still lives with me today over that. I don't know how she found out but our mom made us bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and take them to her and apologize. She invited us in to sit and have cookies with her and after that we visited her often. She was the sweetest woman ever.

  5. Oh yeah, that was Francis "Snookie" Roberts. She was the sister of the man who lived next door to you, Budge McRae.


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