Saturday, January 8, 2011

If Trees Could Talk

I took my dog and camera for a short walk around the block this afternoon. It's still a bit nippy outside and quite frankly I haven't walked in so long that I'm really out of shape for it. "Missy" was so happy when I got the leash out. 

So, I'm walking around the block and I'll bet I've passed this tree 300 times since we moved here but I've never seen the artwork our neighbors placed it.  This kind of reminds me of "The Lord of the Rings" ~ I think it was in the 2nd movie that the trees talked and moved.  I got just slightly creeped out when I saw this today but I was glad to have something interesting within a one block radius to spend my camera battery on.  It's been tough to get motivated lately. 

While I was out walking, I spotted two big beagle dogs who obviously escaped from their domain.  I tried calling them to me but they just looked at me and put their noses back on the ground as if they were in hot pursuit of some kind of animal.  Perhaps a squirrel?

I have far too many photos of my dog and our backyard squirrel but I can't help it, I think they're so cute. This little guy is getting fat and may need a better exercise program than what he's getting.

I had a decent sized list of to-do's today and got most of them done. Not on the list but definitely the best thing I did today was stopping at Petsmart, at the urging of my friend Becky, to see the dogs that some volunteers from Moses Lake brought down to place.  I didn't get there until about 3 p.m. and they told me they had placed 4 dogs today. They had 3 left and I got to love on one of them that definitely would have come home with me if I didn't have better sense.  She was a lab/aussie mix and when I invited her to come next to me, she sidled right up smack next to my leg, just like "Missy" does and when I bent down to hug her, she buried her nose in my neck.  I whispered in her ear that I was sure she would find some good people ... and I know she will.  I love that those volunteers were there today. And, I love that those dogs are getting seen by a lot of people coming through Petsmart and loved on.  If I ever had a pipedream, it would be to have a very large property where I could bring dogs in and work with them and get them all placed.  

Well, that's about it for today. We've had the news on all afternoon following the shooting of Congresswoman Gibbons in Arizona. Very surreal.

love, susan

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  1. Gordon had one of those faces he had on his palm tree here in Yuma. Not sure if he still has it. I love it.


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