Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bovine Scatology (Or Non Sequitur)

I had to get out of the office today. Working in that tiny little cubicle makes me almost want to scream some days. It's not right to stick human beings in what would otherwise be considered a closet without a door, with little to no communication whatsoever with other human beings beyond the occasional e-mail notice that pops up on the screen like a welcomed hand-written letter at Christmas time, or your boss coming up behind you with constant requests for something.

So today I took my half a turkey sandwich and we went for a drive out in the country on my lunch break. There isn't much out "in the country" here but a bunch of cows, baby goats, horses and the occasional hawk. I was happy to see the cows though.  I suppose they can relate to my plight. I mean .... they're stuck in a barbed wire cubicle, if you really think about it. Going round and round looking for something to eat.  

It's ironic that I snapped this photo of a cow today because my work friend, Caroline, and I were talking this afternoon about feeling like a cow.  Well, really, it was me talking to her about feeling like a big, fat cow.  And, I wasn't really even talking per say, I was e-mailing to her cubicle from my cubicle ... about being a big, fat cow.   Which reminded me ....

When I was about 10 years old, I rolled down a hill in the "back 40" of my Uncle Bud & Aunt Gladys' place in Grand Ronde, Oregon, right into a cow-pie.  I know. Girls from Alaska shouldn't really know what cow-pies are but nonetheless I was wearing my favorite blue & white checked, cotton dress and I had to run all the way back to the house with cow-pie on me while my cousins made fun of me. That dress was never the same ... and neither was I.  Stupid cows.

I know people think cows are stupid but I'm not so sure. I've watched them take cover under one lonely tree in the middle of their patch when it's raining. That's smarter than some people I know.   And, I sensed these cows today have seen more than one stir-crazy office worker out in the middle of nowhere with turkey sandwiches.  You can almost see it in their eyes, wouldn't you agree?

I like turkey sandwiches ... I was glad I wasn't eating a roast beef sandwich while I snapped pics of the cows.  Just wouldn't seem right.  Which reminds me .....

I got this desk calendar for my home office desk with the comic strip Non Sequitur.  Kind of a fancy name for Bovine Scatology me thinks.
love, Susan

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