Monday, January 24, 2011


Wow, another whirlwind weekend. You'd think I would have learned by now that I can make plans but not plan the results but I'm not quite there yet. I'm a work in progress.

I have this great bread recipe hanging up on my fridge that I'm dying to try but I never got 3 hours in a row at home to try it. Oh well.  Maybe next weekend. 

The only thing I really had planned for the weekend was the photo walk on Saturday morning and maybe the plunge. The weekend was all that and a bag of chips, for sure!

Every Monday morning, I go to work and the boss says, "hey, Susan, how was your weekend?".  I usually say the same old thing, "oh, it was fabulous".  I don't ever really go into what I did because I'm not really sure anybody cares that much but in my mind I try to think about my weekend and I can honestly say that we pack so much stuff (ususally fun stuff) into our weekends that I can't even remember it all.  So I try to just pick one thing that's my favorite and mention it.  This weekend I would be hard pressed to find only one favorite thing. Finding the bald eagle on Saturday was a huge deal for me. The motorcycle ride in the middle of winter in Tri-Cities was a first for me and it was totally refreshing. The car ride out to the park yesterday charted new territory for both of us.  We ended up at the top of a mountain (or mole hill, whichever you prefer) and got a grand view of the Boise Cascade paper mill at Wallula pictured here.
Gene used to work in paper mills so he's a little nostalgic about them and he always wants me to get pictures of any that we pass by.  I probably have enough of this particular paper mill but I know it won't be the last time I shoot it, if he's in the car. 

He also made a special stop to shoot the photo of the car at the beginning of this commentary.  I think it might be an old Packard.   Driving out in Finley really took me back to my folk's place in North Pole.  My dad was a collector of old cars.  There's a real charm to Finley that I think a lot of people miss.  Living out in the country has its freedoms and one of them is to use your land the way you want to.  I saw some roosters tied up in someone's yard with little houses for them to go into.  We suspect they might be fighting cocks but who knows? It's a little weird to have chickens tied up but who am I to judge?  I would have loved to have snapped a photo but I'm afraid we may have been shot at if we stopped.  People out in the country might not take kindly to strangers stopping and taking photos of their .... chickens.  When I lived in Alaska, I saw plenty of sled dogs tied up in the same fashion and thought nothing of it. 

So, another weekend has come and gone and I'm working towards the next one. This week will be fun because I signed up for a 2-night photography course through community schools and 3 of my friends will be there on Tuesday & Thursday night. I love having something to look forward to. One of my friends just got a new camera so I'm hoping this is the beginning of some future get togethers with our cameras in hand.

Time to switch gears and go be a secretary today. 

love, susan


  1. Well my weekend was work work work. I had the sale yesterday but would not get ready for it until I had the RV revamped. Saturday night was late getting stuff out. Got lots gone but was only a drop in the bucket. Last week here for me. Will leave all out and put a sign up on Foothills blvd and another in craigs. About time for me to get back to the bog as soon as my brain gets out of jail.

  2. Dang, Nancy, you are up awfully early for a snowbird. You should snap a pic or two of all your stuff just for fun. I'll look forward to seeing you blog when things settle down. Enjoy your day!!

  3. I have been so sick that it's like I didn't get a weekend! However, being retired really has it's perks...I don't have to drag myself in to a job feeling so bad!! Anyway, I love the picture of the old car!!

  4. About that picture of the OLD CAR... well one Ms. Suddenly, balked at taking that picture, and only when I just stopped the car, rolled down my window and said shoot it, before we get rear ended.. did that occur. It was kinda strange, as I just automatically thought everyone could see the beauty in rust coated cars & trucks from 80 years ago... and some, not just me, do.

  5. Gene, I love old stuff...barns, outhouses, cars, trucks, any old machinery...and if it is surrounded by brush and weeds, all the better!!


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