Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Racked With Guilt & Endorphins

Poor "Missy". She looks at the treadmill and I'm certain all she sees is missed opportunities for long walks. There is not a dog alive that loves going for a walk more than she does. 

We got this new treadmill on January 7. I've been on it almost every day but today. I woke up with a screaming bad headache but feeling better late this afternoon so going to try getting some time on it before the day is over.

I signed on verbally for a challenge with a friend who lives in Oregon to "walk 1,000 miles in 2011". I got the calculator out and figured that's an average of 2.73 miles per day.  I can do that. But I've got some miles to make up for since I got a late start with this challenge. 

I'm an early riser (4:00 a.m.) but I must have a cup of java in me before I can even think about walking. Then there's this blogging habit I've gotten into which takes some time.  It takes 45 minutes for me to walk 3 miles so I'm going to have to juggle my schedule a bit since I also need some time in front of the light box if I'm going to hang on to my sanity.  So I was thinking the other night as I laid my head down, perhaps I should start blogging at night.  Let this post be the start of that!

Back to Missy.  Since we got this treadmill, I've noticed when I get on it and just get my stride going where the endorphins are kicking in, AC/DC is screaming their live version of "Thunderstruck" on my iPod, she'll stand at the top of the stairs at the door to be let out.  I am on to her.  She doesn't like the treadmill. She's such a high maintenance dog. It irritates me so much, I have taken to putting her in her kennel while I'm on the treadmill. It must be sheer torture for her as the kennel is in the basement not far from the treadmill.  I don't know what else to do and the guilt just racks me. Guilt that she's not getting walked during the cold winter mornings and guilt that she has to be in the kennel while I'm getting my walk in. 

Gene has assured me that Missy sleeps all day and he does take her for walks, weather permitting.  I was home pretty much sleeping all day today and she does sleep all day.  Still ... I feel guilty.  I promise her every day when I'm walking on that treadmill that the weather will get better soon and we'll all be going outdoors to walk. I don't think she cares about my empty promises.   


  1. Missy has got you pegged good. ;-)

  2. I've been running in the mornings. Good habits are tough to make!

  3. My dog, on the other hand, is DELIGHTED with the treadmill that appeared in our house. The whole time we are walking he is trying to turn us around. How can it be that I have a lazy husband AND a lazy dog?

  4. @Kathy ~ I am laughing so hard I could just pee myself! So funny!!!!!

  5. don't feel guilty...who will take care of that dog if you aren't around because you didn't exercise because of her?! LOL You really are an inspiration. Ever since i got the pacemaker I can't do the treadmill...back seems to hurt too much but I have been swimming and we have a stationary bike that i need to get on more when i'm up at 4 am, i'll know you have been up before me! LOL

  6. I am certainly not anywhere near back to where I was just a year or so ago, when I could step on the treadmill, set my watch for an hour, and go at 4MPH at a 6% incline, the entire hour and if anything spurt it up to 4.2 and sometimer 4.4 for a few minutes. I got slowed down by advancing angina due to the blockage in the right coronary artery, and it just kept getting worse until half a block at probably 2MPH was enough for me to have to stop due to the pain in my neck. At the end right before getting the stent in I would have to stop and recover after going up the 12 steps from my basement. That got fixed on July 17th and 4 days later I went for a 2 mile walk {on the flat outside WITH THE DOG & Susan} at a pretty brisk pace, but still probably closer to 3.2 MPH. I did a 31 minute on the treadmill yesterday and another 15+ minute at night, both at 3.8MPH but could only do incline at 2% and even then early in the walk had to flatten that out for a minute a few times before I worked through it. Probably going to be several months before I get back to where I had been a few years ago.. but making some progress almost daily. I love to hike and that includes a lot of up and down hills, so want to be there for spring time at least.


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