Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday Drives

Carne Asada on the hoof
I sorta shot my wad of photos yesterday when I put them up on FB in a photo album after we got home from our drive. The only one I had left that I didn't post was of these boring cows.  However, I have to say that of all the times we have driven along the river in this one area, I have never seen cows in here so I had to snap the pic.

It doesn't seem to matter where Gene takes me on a drive, I always love going.  We had no idea where we'd end up yesterday. I just knew we had to get out of the house or I would not be getting dressed again yesterday.  I could probably live the rest of my life in pajamas if the weather stays this cold.  Just a mere mention to Gene of maybe going for a drive is like saying the word "walk" in front of the dog. He's got his shoes on and the map out. 

So, I made a pot of coffee for the thermos and got out of my jammies. (Saying jammies always makes me think of my sweet Mexican friend in Yuma, Sandra, who said yammies instead of jammies.)  We weren't sure where we were going but it was to be a short drive. We stopped at Sears to check on the dimensions of the box the treadmill we are buying comes in to see if it will fit in our truck. Such chaos there. So we left our phone number and asked them to call us when they figured it out and down the road we headed towards Hermiston.

We considered going to Sears in Hermiston but we got waylayed at the Fiesta Foods store. We just stopped in to get a taco and ended up with 3 carne asada tacos, frioles & rice and scoops of the best ice cream afterwards. If you've never been to Fiesta Foods for a meal, you really should try it. I almost cried while sitting there as it made me really miss those times we stopped to eat in Yuma. I truly miss the food & flavors of Arizona. I can't remember the last time I had Cilantro on my plate until yesterday.  Luckily, we have Fiesta Foods here, which is a grocery store chain frequented mostly by the local Mexicans. We love going there because they are so friendly to us and we get a reminder of what we loved about living in Arizona. Fiesta Foods has a whole section of their store devoted to making tortillas on this huge machine. I love to watch it spit out hundreds of corn tortillas.  I always make note of what the beautiful Mexican people have in their shopping carts when we go. "Fresh" cooking is a huge affair for Mexicans, evidenced by the items they buy.  On Sundays, Fiesta Foods is always filled with families. And, yesterday, we got an extra treat with a single Mariachi singer all dressed up complete with a cowboy hat & boots and the most beautiful voice.  I regretted not taking my camera inside to shoot pics of it.  Next time.

I get to go back to work this morning but I feel like I have had the longest weekend in a long time. Every Monday morning, I go to my cubicle and the boss man asks about my weekend.  I always say "it was fabulous".  I secretly love it that I have usually been transported to some other place that I can hardly even describe to anyone. My weekends are always so full of fun things ~ sort of like mini-vacations. This weekend was no different. We spent the whole day Friday decorating for the dance Friday night. Saturday I laid around in my jammies & read part of a book, and then there was that awesome Sunday drive where I got to use my camera and visit a little bit of Mexico without ever having to step on a plane.  I love my life.

love, susan


  1. I remember Gene and I stopping there for a bite to eat. What a store. Even if you don't need anything just walking around is great to look at what is there. I bought the fresh chips and salsa. Note to Gene: that can be on the map of our next second hand run.

  2. Actually, Nancy, this is a sister store in Hermiston! It's exactly the same kind of great food.

  3. Nancy, your on for that.. either place.. Hermiston or Pasco.. I'm always game...and if you haven't had the ice cream.. OMG.. I don't know where the hell they get it, but it is even better than Tillamook Creamery ice cream.


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