Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silence is Golden

I don't know how long I've been carrying this book around or where I bought it. The pages are yellowed so I suspect I didn't buy it new. I probably picked it up at a thrift store, intending to read it but just never seem to be in the mood for it. I started to read it once but just didn't get very many pages in.

I'm that way.  

I have to be in the mood to sit still & read. I'm the kind of person who has to have total silence in the room when I'm reading.  I can't have beautiful classical music playing, or hear dogs barking or have the TV on when I'm in a book.  I can't read on the bus or hardly even have someone else in the room to hear them breathing when I'm reading. Except maybe Justin.  When he was little, we used to escape to the basement, each with a book in hand and we would just lay around and read.  

When I was a young person, I read almost all of the Nancy Drew series and some of the Hardy Boys.  I loved Edgar Allen Poe.  I spent a lot of time in my own room hunkered down with a book. But always with silence. 

That kind of quiet is hard to find these days. It isn't just the external noises, it's the thoughts rolling around in my head.  As much as I try to quiet them, I'll be reading along and a thought will bubble up, "you should be doing something else ....".  Crap.  Who said that? Shut up. I'm reading.  "really ... you should be doing a load of laundry".  It can wait.  "You really should go to the grocery store, we're out of milk".  Drink water.  Shut up. "okay, but you only get two days off and then it's back to work and you'll wish you had gone to the store come Monday morning".  

I like to read a book from cover to cover.

But that rarely happens.  One time while Gene and I were traveling in our motorhome, we spent a couple of days at Cape Lookout during some very rainy weather.  I spent the whole day in my jammies with a pot of coffee and a good book. Read it cover to cover.  I don't remember having done that since then. 

Maybe today.

New Year's Resolutions:
Drink more water.
Read more.
love, Susan


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Sue and Gene....yes read. The mind and body will thank you later. Times we need to just get inside ourselves and forget everything and enjoy the pleasure a book gives us.

  2. Nancy, I'm envious that you seem to enjoy reading a book while on the road traveling, or even in the middle of chaos. How do you do that? I must know your secret.

  3. If you had 3 kids you learn how to find your space within your self at times. It is a way for you to renew self and relax at least it is for me. I can be alone in a crowd easy if I have a book. Your father gets so mad at me that I don't hear a thing when reading. ;-)))


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