Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - January 22, 2011

I don't know these people. They showed up today for the scavenger hunt. They love taking photos so much they put on their winter gear and dragged their equipment out to the park just like me.  This guy had the hugest lens I've ever seen. I didn't get a chance to ask his name but I'll bet he's got some freakin' nice photos from the walk today.  Here he is showing another club member how to change some settings.  That's the beauty of belonging to this club. There are about 350 members and lots of them are willing to share their love & knowledge of photography.

 This is what they use for the game "Frisbee Golf".  I had never heard of it until Justin was in college in Flagstaff.  The object is to throw the frisbee towards this contraption and have it land in it.  There were people playing today but by the time we got to the course, they were gone.

 I don't know these people either. I just thought it was cool they were out feeding the birds.  I swear, this town came alive today!  It was just awesome to see everyone outside enjoying the sunshine.   Even the geese look happy.

 Gene said, "Susan point your camera up to the sky ... GEESE flying", and I got one!!!  Ah, freedom!!!

What an awesome day.......
This was my favorite find today.  A young, bald eagle.  He was the first thing I saw as we left on our scavenger hunt. Of all the things on my list to find, this was something I was sure we'd never see today. And, there he was. I couldn't believe my eyes.  My little point & shoot did pretty well as this guy was way at the top of a very tall tree.  I am happy the picture turned out at all. 

I had the most fabulous day today.  After the scavenger hunt, we drove over to see the "Polar Plunge". It was too crowded and we had "Missy" with us so we didnt' stay long. I did snap a couple of pics of crazy people who were getting ready for the plunge.  This was my favorite character today. 
Just as we were heading home from the Polar Plunge, our friends Bob & Dorothy called and asked us to join them for a scoot over to Prosser by way of the backroads and Horse Heaven Hills. I rode with Gene & snapped this pic! Nearly froze my hands off but it was worth it. Wonder what tomorrow will be like?

love, susan

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  1. It was not the temperature out, it was around 46 or so, but the wind chill at 60MPH .. stayed sorta warm, all except my fingers, frozen white from the first joint from the hand to the tip, by the time we got home. The sun was about to go down about the time we got home, so any warmth was quickly fading. Great ride, and hey, I wielded the dog, Missy, whilst Susan did the scavenger hunt. Was truly cool to see that Eagle almost within minutes of getting there.


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