Monday, January 31, 2011

Being Invited to Dinner (Honorable Mention to Greg)

Clark Cousin's Reunion - August 2010
Don't you just love being invited to dinner?  I do!  I don't believe I have ever once turned down an invitation for dinner at someone else's house.  Anytime someone else is doing the cooking, I am so there.

When we lived in Arizona, it was very common in the winter time to attend several parties & potlucks over the winter months.  I wish I had taken more photos of those potlucks. C'est la vie

I'm afraid I haven't done very much entertaining since Gene and I have been together.  I used to do some big get togethers when I lived in Alaska (pre-Gene) but I think I kind of ruined it for myself by always over-doing it and having these great expectations about what my house should look like, and trying to be the "perfect" hostess.  It's hard to quiet those voices.  I realize I've been really stingy with my space and it's such a great place to have people over ~ I need to get over some of that old stuff.

So, we're having company for dinner at our house on Wednesday night. It's a young couple that I have not met yet.  Gene ran into this woman when he was walking Missy and has struck up a friendship with her and I'm really excited about having her & her significant-other and her 8 year old over for dinner.  She knows how to cook Thai food and is bringing a dish and I think Gene is going to make his chicken curry fried rice. I'll make something for dessert.  And, it will be just fine.  I hope it's the start of a really nice, easy friendship. We've got all these games of Sequence sitting here collecting dust and I'll bet their 8 year old will be a great Sequence player.  But if not, it'll just be fun to meet some new people.

We keep intending to invite our neighbors that live right directly next to us over. They are sweet people. They moved here in September from Georgia or Arkansas, I can't quite remember. But I do  remember their names! John & Sherry.  They are vegetarians. And, they have 3 cute dogs.

I need to start a list of people I should invite over.  Greg & Tara come to mind! They have had us to their house so many times I'm embarrassed that I haven't made an effort to have them over to our place. They are wonderful hosts and both could cook professionally if they ever decided to give up their day jobs. There's real pressure when you invite good cooks for dinner, can I get an amen?

Bob & Dorothy would be on that list. I really want to see their photos from their Alaska trip last year. It's okay to have a motive for dinner invitations, yes?  I need to stop fooling around and just make a date and have them over before motorcycle riding picks up. All dinner invitations will be off the table then, pun intended.

Well, looks like I have the start of a nice list of dinners to plan. This might actually get me through the rest of this cold, biting-wind winter we are experiencing. 

By the way, the photo I posted here is from my Clark Cousin's Family Reunion - August 2010.  Now, that's one dinner invite I could never turn down.  When we get together, it's all about homemade food.

My cousins shucking corn.

I'm hungry ......

love, susan


  1. ohhhh how I will miss that dinner this year. Such fun and visiting all. You just had to mention Gene's famous rice. It sure is something to look forward to. Also I am making Sues SOUP. Check her recipes on her other bog. It is outstanding. This is the second time I have made it.

  2. Susan... you're a doll! Greg and I do love to cook and entertain. However, we also love to eat... let's get together and I'll make Mommy's Barbecups from 1975!


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