Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gifts of Friendship

Amelia & Jasper


Great trip to Walla Walla to pick up the college kids.  Jasper's girlfriend, Amelia   is a sweetie. Smart & witty and full of laughter. We met family in Beaverton at Olive Garden and after a 1 hour 40 minute wait in the lobby, we headed down to the Chinese joint for dinner. The beautiful woman who was our waitress must have recognized how hungry Jeremy & Blake were because we had egg rolls, pot stickers & bbq pork on our table in about 3 minutes. There is something to be said for local mom & pop eateries. They treat you like family when you're in they're dining room.

Frank, who is Gene's daughter's father-in-law, was there with their long time family friend, Vicky.  I've met Vicky at two other family events, 4th of July I believe, and she is the kind of family friend who is like brick-a-brack. When Vicky saw Jasper last night, she told him she had held him as a newborn baby, before he was given up for adoption. She sort of weaves in and out of stories about when the kids were little and she kept Jeremy from losing his mind last night while we waited for food. Poor guy had only eaten some crappy carne asada wrap at Costco yesterday and he was ready to chew his own arm off. I could feel his pain. I turn into a witch when I get hungry. Luckily, we had eaten a large lunch with the college kids yesterday.  Anyway, Vicky is the kind of friend who you want to have in your cell phone, on speed dial. She is quick to smile, loves telling stories, and she gave every single one of us a hug before we crawled into our cars to head to Cathy's last night.  Every family should have a Vicky.

We finally made our way to Cathy's place about 9:30 and discovered she had purchased the game Sequence so she cracked it open and taught them how to play.  Cathy's sister-in-law, Wynter, was my card partner and we had some beginner's luck goin' on. I think she's hooked on the game and she'll be back tonight for THE PARTY and I'm certain we'll be having a rematch. Wynter's number is in my cell phone.

Gene doesn't know it yet but two of Cathy's old high school friends are coming to The Party tonight, as well as Steve & Blair, who are Cathy's neighbors -- we love visiting with them when we come. These people are all brick-a-brack in this family. 

The gifts of friendship are not always obvious but I saw many last night.  I can harldy wait to see what today brings.  Happy birthday, Gene!  I love you and your family and their friends.

love, susan

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