Monday, December 6, 2010

The Party

Chinese cupcake!
Oh my gosh, how do I pick my favorite photos from the weekend?  This weekend was non-stop fun. We couldn't have asked for better weather & the mix of people coming to wish Gene a happy 60th birthday was priceless. 

A cold, winter walk

Saturday was fun-filled with a trip to the Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals. Awesome place! I can't believe we've never been there before. It is truly impressive.  We took a very short walk on Saturday as the wind was biting in Portland.   Mt. Hood was beautiful and provided a nice view as we left Portland yesterday. While we were at the rock museum, Jeremy put the roasts in the oven and watched the Ducks beat the Beavers.  Everyone arrived for the party just as the roast was being carved. Kudos to Jeremy for another beautiful dinner. He is an awesome chef and I predict it will become a career for him some day.  After dinner, the wine flowed & so did the lively conversations! Cathy's good friends & neighbors came and showered Gene with hugs and stories from high school. I learned some new things about Gene, for sure.   At one point during the party, it got so loud that the kids actually came in and asked us to "quiet down". Imagine that!  On Sunday morning, we met Julie & Steve at their house and they drove us down to Salty's in Portland for a beautiful seafood brunch.  We enjoyed having Jasper and Amelia join us from their busy schedule at Walla Walla University.


At the rock museum
It was a great weekend and we're sure to remember it for a long time. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the racoon that came up on the deck Friday night. We were playing cards and a racoon walked right up to the glass door to eat the cat food that was placed outside. He was cute! I was hoping he'd return later so I could snap his pic but he never did come back. 

Thank you, Cathy & Jeremy! You guys really know how to welcome friends & family to your place.  The food was great and the company was outstanding!  Love you!

Gene loves the girls!
Jeremy gettin' prime rib ready!

Brunch at Salty's

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  1. It is great to be surrounded by so many friends that ARE family!It was a fantastic weekend!


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