Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do That, Too

In continuation from "Do That", this is Part Two of the list from Adam Baker's blog:
Make a list of times in 2010 you laughed so hard you were in physical pain.

My honeynut!
I've had a couple of those instances this last year. The times when I laugh the hardest are usually over nothing. Gene will do something that irritates me and he'll start to giggle because I'm being so pig-headed and he knows that I know that he knows that I know I'm being pig-headed.  Did you follow that? It's that place in our relationship where love & tolerance live. I've never had that ... ever ... with anyone else before.  Yeah, my relationship with Gene.  I'm going to keep DOING THAT.

Cathy & Jeremy - Sept. 2010
I had a really good belly laugh at the coast with the kids in September. I can't remember what made me laugh but somewhere in there were Jeremy & Wynter.  When those two get together, there's guaranteed laughter.  Siblings at their best.  Family campouts at the coast ... yes, I'm going to keep DOING THAT.
Justin - Nov. 2010
Justin & Amanda coming to visit for T-day ... it was laughing stretched out over 3 days until, of course, they had to leave and then it was a river of tears.  I do hate goodbyes but I'd never ever give up the time spent with them to avoid the pain of the 'goodbye'.   Can't wait to see them in May.  Save time & money to visit our kids ... keep DOING THAT.

The dog & cat provide a lot of laughs for us. When I come home from work, Missy greets me at the door with her "Kong" and every single day I yell down the stairs to Gene, "have you fed the dog yet?"  The answer is always the same.  Missy doesn't know we talk to each other.  She tries her best to work us. And sometimes it works out for her and she gets fed twice. She loves to harass the cat & it cracks me up when Mr. Kitty has had enough and lets her have it with both full claws.  Have animals ... keep DOING THAT.

Linda "pretending" to fish!
My friend, Linda, and I went on a scavenger hunt photo shoot in September. Had a blast finding things on our scavenger list. We needed to shoot a fisherman and couldn't find one so we found a big stick and pretended we each were fishing while the other snapped the pic. We laughed pretty hard at our silliness.   Always say yes to friends and never lose my imagination ... keep DOING THAT.

Playing "Sequence" with dad & Nancy for hours & hours and all the silly table talk.  We'll keep DOING THAT.
The list is much longer than I have space for.  Who knew?
NOTE TO SELF:  just keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting.
love, Susan

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  1. Of the 3 challenges you presented the laughing until it hurts is the one I could easily remember. When my sister was here in September we shared a few...usually over nothing as you say! It was great.


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