Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where's The Beef

My cousin Tommy is married to Cher. Cher started a blog just before I did. As a matter of fact, it's because she started her blog that I decided to do it.  I tried blogging a long time ago and just couldn't get into.  I didn't get how it worked and I truly was not inspired way back then.  Some may say I'm not all that inspired now.  I just try to write what bubbles up in my head. Today, it is moose and fish and a little bit of Alaska and Justin. 

I know I've said it before, but I've never met Cher in person.  My Aunt Nancy (Tommy's mom) is the one who suggested I "friend" her on FB.  She writes short, funny, daily happenings of her life. Raising 5 kids provides a myriad of funny material. Cher has a way of bringing it in a way that's straight from the kids' lips through her brain and out onto the key board.  She always adds photos with it.  Her last post, Elk Update, (I really hope you'll go check out her blog) really cracked me up and brought back memories of my growing up days in Alaska.  I have more than one photo of dead moose and hanging limbs in my stacks of photos from that far away life.  It's a good life when you can bring home your own steak and fish.  It's even better when you can get the kids involved. It's a lot of work bringing home a large animal. We used to spend an entire weekend cutting, cubing and wrapping moose meat. It was a family ordeal. We doubled wrapped our meat and I used to write funny stuff on the inside of the packages, like "Eat Fish" and "Where's the Beef?".  Just give me a black sharpie and I can't help but draw hearts and write something on those blank canvasses of freezer paper.

When my son was here for Thanksgiving, he reminded me about how much fish we ate when he was a kid. I got to tell him that I grew up on moose & fish so I could feel his pain.  Today, it pains me to buy fish but I do it once in awhile and I actually appreciate it.  I don't know if I'll ever have fried moose steak pass my lips again but if I do, I'll die a happy woman. 

The truth is, I'll probably die a happy woman even if I don't have another bite of moose steak.  By the way, the photo above is at Rimrock, Washington.  I'm sure there is some fishing done there but mostly it's just a really beautiful lake a couple of hours from here.

Have a great day everybody!  love, susan

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