Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hey, You Have a Bird On Your Head

Honolulu ~ Feb. 2010
So, my sister-in-law (I hate calling her my ex), Ally, is talking about her soon to be trip to Hawaii and I'm officially jealous.  Yesterday on FB she was asking about fins for snorkeling.  I tried not to let it get to me but all I can think about is being somewhere else this morning. The rain outside is not warm & tropical, it's frigid and gray.  The trade-off is a long road trip in May ... I can push through this, right?

Ally is heading to the north shore and I couldn't help but think about one of my favorite days on our trip last year. We took the city bus to the north shore and while on the bus, a guy we were chatting with insisted that we get off in this little town to visit an artist there.  We took his advice and it truly was the high point in the trip for me.  It was the home and music/art studio of the Ron Artis family. I was getting ready to suggest to Ally that she take her family to visit his studio but when I went online to get the information, I learned that Ron died December 8, 2010. How sad for his beautiful children and wife and Hawaii. We spent a solid two hours in his studio while there last February. He and his kids put on a a mini-concert for us and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Here's a sample I found on their website:  "I Can Feel You" - the Artis boys.  There wasn't any genre they couldn't play and it was a treat to see so much talent together in one room and to sit upfront & personal.  Ron Artis taught all of them how to play multiple instruments and sing.  These kids have been sheltered from Hollywood, NY city, and the likes. Now that their dad is gone, I can't help but wonder what direction they will go. If they don't stay together in this venture, I feel sorry for people who don't get a chance to hear them play. We bought CD's and I tried to listen to them but it's not the same as sitting right in front of them.  I'm so glad we listened to the guy on the bus! 

I wish I was going someplace warm ... soon.  But I'm happy for Ally and her family. They live in Fairbanks and I've been watching the weather there.  It's no different than any other year.  Just freakin' cold.  It makes me feel a little better about the rain ....

love, Susan

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  1. Well it is not as warm here today and we had some rain. Your father even put on a pair of jeans.


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