Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Was NOT In the Brochure

Woke up to frosty weather yesterday morning.  As is the case every single morning, I'm always running around like a chicken with its head cut off and so happy when Gene goes out to clear off the windshield.  Funny thing is, after he got done scraping it off, the next thing he knew, it was raining.

We have had the most bizarre weather so far this year. Whoever put together the Tri Cities Brochure must have been on crack.  The brochure touts "the region enjoys over 300 days of sunshine".  They lie.

Yuma, Arizona has 328.5 days of sunshine according to Answer Dot Com.  Now that I've lived both places, I feel qualified to say there are some pretty creative writers at the Chamber of Commerce here in my current domain. Either that, or they see the sun poke through the clouds for 5 minutes and count that as a day.

Near Arizona (Holtville, CA)
In Yuma, Arizona, when they say it's going to be a cloudy day, you might see a stratus cloud way off in the distance.  Yumans get excited about that. Can you imagine waking up every day and looking outside and saying, "Oh gosh, Martha, it's sunny again."  Yeah, I do miss that.  When it rains in Yuma, Arizona, people are known to call in sick and stay home to celebrate the rain. Weird, I know. I never got used to people actually liking loving the rain.  I don't think they're quite right in the head, if you know what I mean.

I realize that if there was a place with perfect weather year-round, we'd all be living there.  San Diego comes pretty darn close but who can afford to live there, right?

Well, at least I have those cute purple Sorel boots I can look forward to putting on every morning. Reminds me of growing up in Alaska. We had ice fog here on Monday. I thought I was having a nightmare and living in Fairbanks, Alaska again.  Quick, somebody pinch me.

Okay, I'll stop now.  I still love it here. Today, we're heading to the dentist since I have the day off and then maybe will take "Missy" over to the dog park to play with her friend "Jake".  I will likely freeze to death.

love, Susan


  1. left Yuma, AZ!! There must be something to that.

    "I realize that if there was a place with perfect weather year-round, we'd all be living there"......not so Susan since we all have different ideas of what constitutes 'perfect' weather. Some of us actually ENJOY the different seasons!

  2. I say Denver would be PERFECT for you! ;)

  3. Well a perfect place would have you living close to us. I love the idea of seeing you at least once a month or so. I do miss you living close to us here in Yuma.

  4. P.S. Denver? Hmmm ... our kids may end up in
    Boulder, Colorado ... we'll know in March. That would be an interesting development. I have a cousin who just moved to Grand Junction. Hmmm ...


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